Pregnancy Week By Week: 37 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Yay! Your nine months are up. From now on you have to be ready for your baby's arrival. The excitement and anxiousness are all soaring h...

Yay! Your nine months are up. From now on you have to be ready for your baby's arrival. The excitement and anxiousness are all soaring high as your due date is almost knocking at the door. Your baby has developed into the cutest little bundle and is preparing for its big day. At this stage, you need to be aware of the signs of labor and notify your gynecologist in case you feel you are going into labor. If you are eager to find out about week 37 of your pregnancy, keep reading below.

37 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Sucking reflex

If an ultrasound is taken at this time, you will be delighted to see your tiny bundle sucking its thumb profusely. This sucking is your baby's natural reflex for survival once it is born. The thumb sucking is its practice to start latching on to your breasts for the feeding sessions soon after birth.

Learns the art of grasping

Your baby's fingers are gaining more control and dexterity. These developments will enable your little one to grasp tiny things. It is a safety reflex to keep them from falling (our primate ancestors would jump from one tree to another with their newborns holding onto the mother tightly).

Preparing for birth

Practice makes a baby perfect. And though no one has taught your baby such a saying, it is busy practicing for its big debut in another 2 or 3 weeks. The little one is taking in and giving out amniotic fluids for breathing simulation as its lungs are not completely matured yet. With space limitation, the baby is rolling and wiggling and you are feeling the baby quite often these days. It is also practicing blinking the eyes and turning its head side to side.

The size of your baby

Your baby stands at six and a half pounds this week. It is the size of a nice plump cantaloupe. It is still packing in the fat and gaining the pounds ounce by ounce. Week 37 of your pregnancy is still considered 'early term' in case your baby decides to be born this week.

37 Weeks Pregnant

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Dilation of the cervix: There is a good chance that your little one is gearing up for its arrival and will make a grand entry this week. Whether your labors have started or not, your practitioner will keep a tab on the dilation of your cervix. Ideally, your cervix should dilate a good 10 centimeter for your baby to make way for its passage out into the world.

Cervical ripeness: If you are anywhere close to birthing, there will be a change in the texture of your cervix. This is called cervical ripeness. By this week the texture of the cervix will be anywhere between the tip of your nose to the walls of your cheek. The latter will signal that you are ready for the delivery. Also, the thinness of your cervix or effacement has to be checked. Just prior to delivery it should be completely effaced or thinned out.

The position of the baby: The position of your cervix and the position of your baby will determine how close you are to delivery. At this stage, your doctor is most likely to check the head position of the baby in relation to your pelvis. Your cervix at this time will be pushed forward as well to make the passage for your baby through the birth canal. If your baby's head is inclined lower down, may be its time for you to keep your maternity bag handy; your delivery call can come anytime now.

No weight gain: Don't be alarmed if you haven't gained any weight this week. With all your muscles in full swing to make way for your baby to come into this world, your body is using up all the calories it is consuming. Almost 60% women, stop gaining weight at this stage.

Sleeplessness: You are probably feeling more tired than ever, but sleep just evades you. It is a mammoth task to get up from a lying or sitting position and go to the washroom. There is restlessness clubbed with sudden pangs of anxiety. These are symptoms signaling that you will be a mother soon. You now have the liberty to be selfish and throw people out of your room, if that is what it takes for a good hour's sleep. Tell people to be quiet, order your spouse to get out of the bed, and use up all the pillows in your home to get your night's sleep.

Health Tips

  • Massage your perineum: Doctors may not tell you about this trick, but gently massaging the perineum, the area between your rectum and vagina, will actually help in the birthing process. Once the baby crowns, there will be a sharp stinging sensation in that area. This can be reduced with regular massaging.
  • Water is still your friend: Though you may not feel like gulping down juices, keep your water intake at a steady 8 glasses a day. This will help ease the feeling of being bloated and also ease water retention in the body.
  • Massage your swollen feet: Your feet are probably quite swollen by now and every once in a while you may experience pain while walking or fitting into a footwear. Take warm oil or any aroma oil and go for a deep tissue massage. It will not only alleviate the pain but also make your feel more relaxed and calms your nerves.


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