10 Baby Products Which Are A Must Have In The First Year

Welcoming a newborn into our lives is a blessing. It is an exciting time for parents and everyone around. But it is also scary if this is a ...

Welcoming a newborn into our lives is a blessing. It is an exciting time for parents and everyone around. But it is also scary if this is a first for you. In such case, having a checklist of baby products which are a must have in the first year can be of great help. Starting from clothing, bedding, diapering, feeding etc. we have it all covered for you in this article. Take a look!

Baby Products For The First Year

1. Baby Outfits

As soon as the baby is born and the formalities of necessary checkups are done, you need appropriate clothing for your baby to take them home. There are varieties of baby clothing available in the market such as bodysuits, shirts, pants, one-piece, mittens, socks, pajamas etc. Based on the season and size, choose the right one for your baby. The clothing ranges from newborn to 24 months and you can choose it as per your need for the first year. Some babies wear newborn clothes while some directly wear 3-month-old clothing, and it is hard to guess in advance. So keep both the sizes in hand but do not buy too many as babies grow quickly!
In addition to that, choose a comfortable footwear once your little one starts taking steps. However, you wouldn't be needing any shoes for the first few months and socks can be used to cover the babies feet.

2. Car Seat & Stroller

The first journey of your newborn is going to be from the hospital to your home and it needs to be comfortable and safe for the baby. Most hospitals will ask you to get the car seat and make sure that the baby is safely strapped and ready for the ride. The car seat is going to be of great use for their doctor visits and outings in the first year. So make sure you invest a good amount of time while making this purchase.
Another baby gear which is most needed for traveling is a stroller. You would definitely want to walk your baby around the neighborhood, don't you? Choose the stroller which will make this easy for you. It should be comfortable for the baby to sit and even nap, easy for you to move around and carry. Consider all these factors and get the suitable one such as UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller to keep up with your growing family without slowing your pace.

3. Diapers & Wipes

You are probably going to need a lot of diapers and wipes in the first year. Babies will need as many as 12 diapers a day in the first few months and it will decrease going ahead. So keep the diapers in stock as the necessity is plenty. Diaper rash is a major concern for babies and you have to make sure that the diaper you choose does not irritate your baby's skin and fits well.
Coming to the wipes, it is up to each individual if you wish to buy them from reputed brands or use a wet wash cloth to serve the purpose. Whichever you choose, make sure it is hygienic and in the best interest of the baby.
Arranging a changing station at home with all these items will make things convenient for you. There's going to be a good amount of diaper changing in the first few months, and changing station would make things easy!

4. Feeding Essentials

Either you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it is always best to keep sufficient amount of bottles and nipples handy. Newborns drink no more than 4-ounces of milk at first, so you can start with 4-ounce bottles and later you can upgrade it to 8-ounce bottles. Make sure you have the formula, breast pump, bottle brushes, and breast milk bags as these are the most important feeding essentials which you cannot overlook in the first year.
Once your baby is 4-6 months old and ready for solid food, feeding them will be easier if you have a highchair with a tray. You can move it around or attach it to the dining table so that they can get used to having meals with you. For starters, you will need bowls, baby spoons, bibs, washcloths, food mashers etc. which will make the food preparation easy.

5. Bedding Essentials

You may not need a separate bedding arrangement for a newborn as you can use a co-sleeper. This way you can have your baby close to you and it makes it easier for you to feed every few hours. Once you decide to move your baby to a crib, search for a safe crib and mattress which contributes towards the comfortable sleep of your baby.
Never leave any blankets, pillows or quilts in your baby's crib as it increases the risk of SIDS which is the most common problem we hear these days. Instead of blankets, you can use swaddlers which are secure and avoid any problems of suffocation for babies. Safe and comfortable bedding is all you need to look out for!

Newborn Must Haves

6. Bathing Essentials

Once the umbilical cord stump dries and falls off, and the area heals, you can give your newborn a tub bath. You can do that in the kitchen sink or place the baby bath tub in your standard tub. So choose a baby bath tub that is firm and durable. Bathe your baby with no-tears formula body wash and shampoo. It should be no fragrance body wash and shampoo as you should not expose your newborn to any chemicals.
Use a soft hooded towel to wrap your baby and dry after the bath. You can also keep washcloths handy to clean the ear area. To make the bathing experience playful, you can add some bathing toys in the tub.

7. Health Care Products

As soon as your baby enters into this world, they will be monitored by a doctor. Later on, you will be choosing a pediatrician for regular checkups and vaccinations. But there are certain health care products which you need to have at home in case of any health issues. A first-aid kit, bulb syringe, digital thermometer, nail clippers, baby brush, teethers etc. will be of great help.
You can also check with your doctor about over-the-counter medications in case of emergency. Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin etc. are some of the medicines which are available over-the-counter. However, any kind of medication has to be given only after consulting the pediatrician.

8. Baby Carrier

While you are on the go and have to tag your baby along, it is not always possible to hold them with hands for long periods. And at times when you do not have a stroller available, baby carriers/baby wraps help you to snuggle close to your baby and have your hands free. You can use this even while at home and do some household chore whilst taking care of your little one.
As any other baby product, choosing baby carrier should be done carefully. The straps and harness should be safe and secure as they support the baby and allow you to carry them. In spite of all the benefits of the baby carriers, it is not suggested to use them often.

9. Baby Entertainment

Babies are born to learn and they enjoy fun and education toys, books, videos and more. Right from the time they arrive, there are varieties of entertainment means available to keep them occupied and interested throughout. Newborns start with pacifiers and it is a known fact that babies love them. It is a way to soothe themselves and make parents job simple. Bouncy seats and play gyms are other toys which are apt for babies who aren't mobile yet. They will enjoy the sounds, lights, and bouncy features.
Once babies are on the move, they need a lot of play toys such as musical toys, rattles, board books etc. When their interaction becomes more evident, you can get them lots of interactive games and toys which are exclusive for infants.

10. Safety Needs

Once your baby is born, safety is of utmost importance. A baby monitor is one gadget which will allow you to keep a tab on your baby while you are working or in another room. You have both audio and video models available and you can choose the one which suits your needs the best.
The second stage of safety needs arises when your baby starts rolling and crawling and are likely to injure themselves if you do not keep an eye on their activities. Babyproofing your home is most necessary now and you will be needing outlet covers, cupboard locks, latches, and safety gates. By doing this, you can prevent many household dangers and keep your baby safe from many common hazards.

Baby Products

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