Pregnancy Tips To Help You Have A Normal Delivery

Giving birth is one of the greatest miracles and mysteries of nature. How a baby understands that it is time to make its way into the world ...

Giving birth is one of the greatest miracles and mysteries of nature. How a baby understands that it is time to make its way into the world through the birth canal is a baffling thing even for the best gynecologists in the world. The fact that a fragile human body nurtures a baby for 9 whole months and then delivers the beautiful living being into the world is a wonder in itself. With advancement in the medical world, birthing is not as complicated or dangerous as it was once upon a time. Whether you choose to have a C-section or a normal delivery, it is solely your decision, based on the advice of your practitioner. However, in a lot of cultures normal birthing is preferred. Almost 85% of all pregnant women are capable of natural child birth. But for an expecting mother, statistics mean nothing. It is a choice you have to make depending upon your health condition, pregnancy complications, and baby positioning. If a normal delivery is what you desire, we can help you with pregnancy tips to make your birthing journey a little less troublesome. Read on to see what you can do on your own to have a normal delivery.

Pregnancy Tips To Help You Have A Normal Delivery

Keep stress at bay

First of all, worrying and feeling stressed out about the birthing process won't help you in any way. An increase in stress hormones in your body is not conducive to normal delivery. A calm relaxed mind can control a lot of things in your body; it has the power to prepare your body for a safe delivery. So the rule of thumb here is to stay happy and healthy. Don't get worked up. Normal or not, focus on keeping your baby safe and healthy once they are born.

Understand the birthing process

The next most important thing that will help you have normal delivery is to learn about the process in a scientific manner. Shun all the old wives tales regarding natural birth. It will only cause unnecessary and baseless anxiety. Learn about the woman's anatomy and how the body prepares for child birth. Don't feel overwhelmed. Millions of women are with you on this. Every day thousands of babies are born around the world. However, once you understand the process, you can do things that will make the journey easier. No one ever said becoming a mother was easy!

Exercise regularly

Remaining active during pregnancy helps the body prepare for normal birth. Pregnancy is not an illness, so there is no need to treat it like one (unless it's a complicated pregnancy and complete bed rest has been prescribed by your practitioner). Eat well and carry out daily chores with some caution. Walking, swimming, light exercises; mopping, sweeping, light cardio and free hand workouts are all great during pregnancy. Listen to your body and do not go overboard with things. But keep your body active throughout pregnancy. An active body is more ready for a normal delivery than one that has been resting for too long.

Manage your weight

It is absolutely okay to pile on some pounds during pregnancy. Do not restrict your cravings, and feel low. But bear this in mind: women who put on too much weight during pregnancy find it difficult to deliver normally and more often need surgical assistance to get the baby out. So along with plating up all the butter and cheese, also work out a little to strike a balance between your intake of calories and burning them. Your little nugget will not be uncomfortable even if you go for a short light run once every two days or so. But remember not to harp on your weight issues. If you are naturally big, don't go on a strict diet to shed the weight. Your baby needs food and you have to consume healthy stuff to pass it on to your little one.

Pregnancy Tips To Help You Have A Normal Delivery

Choose a practitioner who specializes in normal delivery

If your practitioner is not as keen as you in your desired delivery choice, then you may have to do a lot of research and asking around on your own. And that is definitely not a great idea if you remember the first point in this discussion. So it is best to choose a doctor who specializes in normal delivery and feels strongly about it. This person will give you medically proven guidance that will help you to have a normal delivery if that is what your heart desires and your body permits.

Learn about perineum massages

The perineum is the area around your vagina going up to the anus. This area is prone to tear during normal delivery. However, if you massage it from the 34th week of your pregnancy, of course, in the right way, it can make things surprisingly easier for you. These massages can help avoid any vagina tear. It improves the capacity of the muscles in that region to stretch better when your baby is coming through. So get a deep understanding of the anatomy and the right way to do a perineum massage. If you are already past your 34th week, start immediately but do it under the right guidance. You can thank us for this advice later!

Find comfort in water

Water is your best friend anytime and every time throughout your pregnancy. Drink loads of it to keep your system hydrated. You will be surprised to know that a well-hydrated body can help during a normal delivery. Also, water birth is a commonly preferred method for normal delivery these days. Apparently, it is less painful. Also, it gives you more fluidity to move around than on a bed. Warm water relaxes you during your labor.

Try to spend early labor in your home

If you want to rush to the hospital at the very first signs of contraction because you are petrified of the pain that is going to follow, probably a normal delivery is not your best option. If you want to ease into a normal delivery process, try to spend early labor at home. Go about the usual routine till you are sufficiently dilated. Eat, walk, move around, even talk, and cool your nerves in a warm tub of water. Go to the hospital when your cervix dilation is enough to begin the delivery process.

If you choose to have a normal delivery, you will have one as long as you are mentally strong and physically prepared. Don't listen to horror stories about labor and painful birthing. But get your facts right about the science and facts regarding it. With the help of an experienced practitioner, all will go well. Yes, there will be some pain involved, but at the end of it, the joy of holding your little one will surpass it all! #happymotherhood


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