Pregnancy Week By Week : 33 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Vamos mommies. You are heading towards the end of your pregnancy . You have done a great job so far despite the bodily discomforts and the e...

Vamos mommies. You are heading towards the end of your pregnancy. You have done a great job so far despite the bodily discomforts and the emotional upheavals. You are probably suffering from sleepless nights tossing and turning with sudden attacks of a headache, heartburn, or a backache. But your baby is getting all the sleep it requires to make itself ready for its arrival into this world. It is packing on the pounds and gaining the inches. To find out the details about the developments this week, keep reading.

33 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Very little movement

You baby is cuddled inside your womb and is not too active these days. As mentioned in the previous week, it is sleeping most of the time to give its tiny body the rest it requires, to prepare for the big day. Also, the space in your uterus is becoming smaller for the baby each day. Don't worry about it, it is not your fault. It is natural for growing baby to feel restricted in the limited space and remain in the huddled up 'fetal position' mostly with its head coming down towards the birth canal.

Baby is drinking amniotic fluid

Your baby's digestive and gastrointestinal systems need some practice before it comes out of your womb into this beautiful world. Therefore, the little mouth is gulping down your amniotic fluid, almost a pint a day! There is no reason for alarm as it is perfectly normal for babies to drink the amniotic fluid at this stage of their development.

Baby can figure out the difference between night and day

Your baby has learned to close its eyes during its sleep time and keep the eyelids open when awake. Another interesting thing is that it has started reacting to light and its brain can now distinguish between night and day. This primarily happens because the uterine walls become thinner during this time of your pregnancy and there is the light that penetrates the womb during the day and it is dark during the night (unless you have floodlights on in your home!)

Baby is developing its immunity

This is an important week for your baby as far as its immunity is concerned. The little one has built its own immune system and your antibodies are passing to your baby to strengthen its immunity. Your baby will need a strong immune system to battle the germs and infections that will be all around after birth.

Baby's size and weight

Your baby is busy growing in length and weight and measures between 16 to 17 inches during the 33rd week of your pregnancy. The little nugget is now the size of a nice plump pineapple and weighs four and a quarter pounds.

33 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size Pineapple

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Sleepless nights are becoming more frequent: Missing your sleep often during the night? Pregnancy insomnia is not a myth. The troubling pregnancy hormones, the tingling legs, the cramps, and aches are enough to keep you wide awake at night. Changing position may not be an easy task with your big belly coming the way of your comfort. But the good news is that all these troubles are signs of a healthy pregnancy and soon you will become a mommy and sleepless nights will become the order of the day.

Bouts of anxiety: Worried about how you will cope with things when the baby comes? Who will take care of the household chores, how will you manage your time, who will attend to your baby in case of an emergency? Such thoughts can bring about bouts of anxiety and you may feel very restless while trying to sleep at nights. When such thoughts bother you, remember that everything will fall into place once the baby comes. Mothers are blessed with special powers to handle the situation when it is regarding their babies, no matter how difficult they are. There is always a solution. So take the much-needed rest and leave the worries for another time.

Brittle nails: If you were happy all this while with a lush growth of hair and nails, you may feel upset at how brittle the nails have become now. Pregnancy hormones can affect the health of your nails and make them prone to breaking. The nutrient biotin can help alleviate this problem. So include it in your diet in form of avocados, nuts, and whole grains for stronger nails.

Fatigue and breathlessness: These two conditions have been chasing you for some time now. Your internal organs are being pushed by your huge uterus and your lungs are not getting sufficient oxygen. Hence you are suffering from the feeling of breathlessness. But here's a consolation, while you are dealing with an uncomfortable feeling of fatigue and are short of breath even without doing any intense workout, your baby is safe and sound. It is receiving its oxygen requisite from your placenta and its lungs are developing well.

Health Tips

  • Learn about breastfeeding: Breast milk is best for your baby. This is a line that you will listen to and read quite frequently these days and also after your baby is born. And it is true. So if you want to exclusively feed your baby, this is a good time to learn all you have to about breastfeeding. Watch videos, read up articles or join a breastfeeding class. But don't obsess over this and be kind to yourself, in case you have to provide top up formula to your little one after birth. But that we will discuss in another segment later.
  • Include DHA-rich food for your baby's brain development: A DHA-rich diet will aid in your baby's brain development. Your little genius will require omega 3 fatty acids to help in its early development. Consume fish as fish oils are rich in DHA. Another good thing is that DHA will also provide you protection from postpartum depression and help in preventing early labor. Here are some foods that you can have to get the required amount of DHA in your diet: shellfish, red snapper, wild salmon, special eggs with DHA and algae-derived supplements.
  • A warm bath for better sleep: If sleep has been eluding you for some time now, having a warm shower or a relaxing bath can work wonders for you. Add aromatic oils or soothing wash gel to your bath water. Avoiding getting your hair wet as you may catch a cold if the hair is wet during your sleep. A bath followed by a relaxing massage will slowly put you off to a night of peaceful sleep.


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