Pregnancy Week By Week : 34 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

There you are mommies, sailing through the last leg of your pregnancy. Your baby is quite big now and resembles a real human baby that you c...

There you are mommies, sailing through the last leg of your pregnancy. Your baby is quite big now and resembles a real human baby that you can cradle in your arms. Another few weeks and you can actually cuddle it as much as you want (till sweet pea does not cry out loud with excess mommy love). Gender differences are becoming quite pronounced by week 34 of your pregnancy. You are still tackling your bodily discomforts and finding it increasingly difficult to stay at one place for long (except maybe slouching on your sofa and enjoying your favorite movie!) To find out more about the changes and developments this week, keeping scrolling down.

34 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Descent of the testicles, in case of a boy baby

Expecting a bonny boy? If yes, then your baby's gender will become more pronounced during week 34 of your pregnancy. His testicles which have already formed will start their descent this week. From the abdomen, they will make their way to the scrotum. Some babies may be born with undescended testicles, but it's nothing to be worried about. Almost all boy babies would have their testicles in the scrotal sac by their first birthday.

Decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid

Keep an eye on your belly when your sugar plum seems awake. As the little one grows, the volume of amniotic fluid in your uterus decreases. Therefore you may be able to see an impression of his feet or other body parts when it moves around and pushes your belly.

Thickening of the vernix

Remember the waxy coating on your baby's skin commonly termed as vernix? Well, this cheesy coating is getting thicker this week. But the good news is that this waxy coat of vernix will begin to shed in a couple of weeks. Within a few days of your baby's birth, the coating will be gone completely.

Growth of the fingernails

Although the fingernails are not dangerous enough to scratch you inside the womb, you tiny tot's nails have almost reached the fingertips. Once you baby is born and you are done adoring it for hours, you will notice the sharpness of its pretty long fingernails. Don't try to cut them immediately as the baby's skin is super delicate at that point.

Size of your baby

Do you like honeydew melons? The little bundle inside you is as big as a nice juicy honeydew. This week it weighs around five and a quarter pounds. Want to know how long your little one is? Put three bags of five-pound flour one on top of the other. See the height? If its somewhere close to 18 inches, that's how long your little one is right now.

34 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size Honeydew

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Weakening of your vision: You think that your eyes are playing tricks on you? Can't read words from a distance? No, you don't have a permanent eye problem. You just have pregnancy vision that is blurry and weak. Remember the super annoying pregnancy hormones? They haven't spared your eyes. You may experience blurry vision and irritation in the eyes because there is a decrease in tear production that may leave your eyes dry. Also due to some changes in the eye lenses, you may become far or near sighted, but it is only a temporary thing. If you've had no eye problems, or have been wearing glasses or contact lenses, everything will remain as it is once your pregnancy days are over.

Thicker vaginal discharge: As the pregnancy hormone, estrogen is at work sincerely, it increases the flow of blood in your pelvic region. This increase in pressure makes the mucous membranes in that region secrete more mucous that increases vaginal discharge. This discharge is completely harmless, though sometimes the odor and moistness can make you uncomfortable.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids: Do you feel constipated in spite of including fiber and roughage in your diet? Don't worry, it is just a temporary condition. Sometimes constipation may lead to painful hemorrhoids. A good way to improve the condition is to increase blood circulation to the area with Kegel exercises. Make sure you are drinking a good amount of fluids to keep the constipation problem under control.

Pregnancy insomnia: How long has it been since you had a good night's sleep and slept through the night without tossing and turning with pains and aches? Pregnancy insomnia is a real thing. Some say that it is your body's way of preparing you for the upcoming days of sleepless nights with your bundle of joy. Try to drink a warm glass of milk with a few raisins in it. The milk will help you sleep while the raisins will help alleviate constipation in the morning. A massage, a warm bath with aromatic oil and a dark calm room can help you find some relief from your insomnia.

Health Tips

  • Avoid TV watching till late night: This habit can be a deterrent in your sleep routine. Also, late night TV watching can further worsen your eye condition and make your vision more blurry. The sound of the TV can make your mind restless and it may take a good while more for you to fall asleep. It is a better idea to listen to some relaxing music and slowly doze off with nice thoughts in your mind. It will also help ease your anxiety pangs, in case you have any.
  • Have a warm cup of milk before sleep: As suggested in the previous section, a warm cup of milk before sleeping can work wonders for your sleep. The amino acid tryptophan in the milk increases the production of melatonin, also referred to as the sleep hormone. This induces better sleep at night. So if you have been unable to rest through the night due to back aches, leg pain or cramps, start drinking your milk. If you are lactose intolerant, a cup of chamomile tea may also help.
  • Try to sleep on your left side: If you feel shortness of breath while resting, try to lie down on your left side. With your large belly pressure down the diaphragm, your lungs cannot expand fully causing breathlessness. Sleeping on your left side will provide slight relief. Also, make sure you have some pillows propped under your legs to avoid swelling.
  • Wear soft comfortable footwear to avoid edema: By now you must have noticed a considerable amount of swelling in your ankles and feet. Mostly they are painless, but sometimes it can cause immense pain. Also, your earlier footwear may prove painful for your feet right now. Store away your heels and other stylish footwear for some time and slip into soft and lose slippers for greater comfort.


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