Pregnancy Week By Week : 29 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Things are looking great so far. Your little one is adding on pounds, and so are you. Your cravings and mood swings are getting crazier day...

Things are looking great so far. Your little one is adding on pounds, and so are you. Your cravings and mood swings are getting crazier day by day. And your body is getting tired at the slightest activity. You are finding it difficult to remain awake in between work and at the same time having a hard time getting a good night's sleep. These are all symptoms of a full-fledged pregnancy and lively baby kicking inside you. To know the details about the developments this week, read on.

29 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Smoothening of the wrinkled skin

From now on your baby will continue accumulating adipose under its skin. This fat deposit will slowly make the wrinkly skin smoothen out and give your little one a chubby look. It will also contribute to her increasing pounds and at the end of the next 10 weeks your baby would have doubled, even tripled her current weight. The brown fat in your baby is responsible for temperature regulation that will keep its body warm. The white fat under the skin is similar to your fat and will act as an energy source for your tiny tot.

Harder and more frequent kicks

Mommy's womb is getting smaller for the ever growing baby. Hence your baby may seem more aggressive these days, kicking and punching you with new vigor. It is quite an enjoyable feeling. You will find relief in the knowledge that your little one is safe and sound and is growing well. Your baby will often react to things like movement, light and even some food that you eat and respond with kicks. You may want to keep a kick count to ensure your baby is doing fine within your comfortable womb.

Your baby may begin to smile

Last week it was dreaming, and this week it is probably time for some smiling. Though not all babies smile during the same week, some babies start smiling by this time. Unlike the hiccups that seem like rhythmic taps, smiles are not something you can see or feel right now. But in some ultrasound scans a baby might be caught smiling. Once the baby is born, it will be a delight to watch her smile in her sleep.

Your little one's dimensions

If you think a big bottle of water feels heavy in your handbag, you are carrying something similar in your womb. Your baby is now a good 2.5 pounds. If you measure your baby from head to toe, it will stand at almost 16 inches. The fat cells are slowly accumulating under its skin and it has to still gain some more fat for its typical bonny baby appearance.

29 Weeks Pregnant

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Having trouble seeing your legs: Your belly is quite big by week 29 of your pregnancy, irrespective of whether you have a slight or a large build. You will notice that you are no more able to see your legs, especially in a standing position.

Deep varicose veins: You may have already developed them on your legs, or maybe you are noticing them this week. With the increase in your blood volume and the pressure exerted on your veins by your large uterus, the veins pop out and you will find unsightly deep blue veins on various parts of your body such as legs, breasts, and thighs. Some varicose vein conditions can be quite painful, but most of the time they pose no discomfort at all.

Leaky breasts: By this week, even earlier for some women, your breasts may start leaking colostrum, a mother's first milk or golden liquid. This pre-milk may be secreted and leak from your breasts. It is a good idea to use a breast pad to avoid stains on your dress or blouse, especially when you are at work or out for a party.

Restless leg syndrome may get worse: This has been discussed in detail in some of the earlier weeks. It is not really clear as to why this tingling and numbness in the legs get worse during the third trimester, but most women feel very uncomfortable when this occurs. It can also give you sleepless nights. Most probably it is a way your body prepares itself for the countless sleepless nights you have to encounter once your baby is born.

Migraines: During the third trimester, a lot of women experience intense headaches every once in a while. Sometimes it goes away on its own with a little rest. However, a severe migraine attack may require medication such as a tablet with acetaminophen. Before taking any drug, it is best to consult your practitioner to ensure that it is absolutely safe for your pregnancy.

Health Tips

  • Nosh-up on yogurt: If you are experiencing difficulty in bowel movements (which is natural during this stage of your pregnancy), give your system the goodness of probiotic acidophilus (good bacteria). This can be obtained from yogurt especially the ones that contain 'live bacteria cultures'. These will help in digestion and alleviate constipation as well.
  • Soft wipes and warm water: If varicose veins appear in your rectum, passing motion can become very painful at times. It is advisable to use warm water and gentle soft wipes, instead of your regular tissues. Also, if there is blood while passing motion, speak to your doctor immediately for medical attention.
  • Sleep in a dark and calm room: With so many discomforts and pains affecting your sleep and rest, it is important to create the right environment during your sleep time. A noisy, bright room will only make things worse. Try to have a glass of light milk before going to sleep. You could try soy milk if you are lactose intolerant. A few drops of aroma oil in your room can calm the ambience and give you better sleep.

A good combination of rest and a healthy diet can go a long way in alleviating pain during this time of your pregnancy.

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