Pregnancy Week By Week : 30 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Welcome mommies to this amazing week of your pregnancy. At week 30, your body is preparing itself for the birthing process that will happen ...

Welcome mommies to this amazing week of your pregnancy. At week 30, your body is preparing itself for the birthing process that will happen in a few weeks. Your baby is getting bigger and smarter by the day, thanks to its rapidly developing brain cells. In the meanwhile, you are also getting bigger but instead of getting smarter, you are experiencing a fuzzy brain. Blame it all on the pregnancy hormones. You will get brighter and sharper and back to your wits once you are done with the pregnancy. Find out the developments this week by reading further.

30 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Development of brain tissues

Your little one's smooth brain is rapidly becoming indented and groovy. No, don't be anxious about it. It is a good thing as the convulsions will make more space for the growing amount of brain tissues, making your baby smarter. These brain tissues will enable your baby to become intelligent as it grows up in the real world.

The disappearance of lanugo

All this while the lanugo served as a body warmer for your baby in order to maintain its body temperature and keep its thin and frail body snug and comfortable. However, by week 30 of your pregnancy, the baby's brain cells are developing quite fast and the fat cell deposit is also taking place. Both these developments will help regulate the body temperature of your baby. So the need for the lanugo is diminishing and so the lanugo is also disappearing from your little one's body. A few leftover may still be visible when it is born but it will all fall in a few days after birth.

Red blood cell production

This is one of the vital changes at this stage for your baby. The bone marrow begins to produce red blood cells. All this while the spleen was manufacturing the cells and its predecessors were the tissue groups. But now the bone marrow takes charge so that your little bundle can independently manage its RBC production after birth.

Lesser kicks

Space is becoming a problem for your baby. Its kicks and punches are getting restricted thanks to its limited space. You may experience lesser movements these days which is perfectly normal. But do check with your practitioner if there is no movement at all during the entire day.

The size of your baby

If you have gone to the greengrocer recently and seen a nice fresh cabbage, think about it again. That is how big your baby is now. It weighs almost or over three pounds. Your baby looks quite proportional now with its head and body size in the perfect ratio. The head is no longer bigger that the tummy.

30 Weeks Pregnant

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Bladder pressure: If you thought that the embarrassment of rushing to the washroom every 15-20 minutes was over by the first trimester, think again. You are probably feeling the bladder pressure coming back thanks to your heavyweight uterus. As your baby's head presses down your bladder, your need to pee frequently also becomes stronger.

Tenderness in the breasts: Your breasts are rapidly gearing up to provide your soon-to-be-born sweetheart with all the nourishment it will need. As the mammary gland become active for milk production, you will feel your breast becoming bigger and tender. Also, the hormones estrogen and progesterone increases the blood supply to your breasts and the fat deposit that is necessary for milk production are all responsible for the changes in your breasts.

Indigestion and heartburn: The ring muscle that is a bridge between your stomach and esophagus becomes relaxed due to the pregnancy hormones. This relaxation of the muscle is responsible for acid reflux and heartburn. Your chest and throat seem to be on fire, even though you have been careful about the items in your last meal. A good idea is to eat smaller meals so that the digestive juices that may go upstream to your throat do not impact your digestion to a large extent.

Feeling of breathlessness: With your baby growing bigger every day, there is increased pressure on your diaphragm as well, especially when you are in a lying state. This may cause breathlessness and you may end up waking every now and then at night. Prop some pillows and try to sleep in a semi-seated position, like how you do when traveling in a semi-sleeper bus.

Health Tips

  • Apply moisturizer over your itchy belly: With the increase in your belly size, the skin on it is stretching and tearing. This makes it itchy. In order to avoid the itchiness, apply generous amounts of moisturizer, especially after a shower. If the weather is cold and dry, apply a thick cream to avoid the flaky and itchy skin.
  • Continue a steady flow of fluid intake: Water can alleviate various kinds of discomfort during pregnancy. A good intake of fluids will relieve you from heartburn. You will also find some relief from swollen legs and a crampy back when you drink sufficient amount of water throughout the day.
  • Try a semi-seated position for sleeping: As explained in a previous section, lying down horizontally can be uncomfortable during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester when you have a quite big tummy down. There can be breathlessness and leg pain causing sleeplessness at night. It is better to try a semi-seated position during sleep by propping pillows behind you. You can also find relief from a tingling sensation in your legs by keeping them in a slightly elevated position with a fluffy thick pillow under them.

As you feel more fatigued than ever at this stage of your pregnancy, try to get as much rest as possible. If work is becoming too hectic, take a few days' leave and relax at home. Now is the time to get as much sleep and pampering as you can, because with the arrival of your newborn you will not know rest for quite some time!

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