Pregnancy Week By Week : 3 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Welcome mommies to the 3rd week of your pregnancy. You've waited anxiously since your last menstrual period and now it's time to rej...

Welcome mommies to the 3rd week of your pregnancy. You've waited anxiously since your last menstrual period and now it's time to rejoice. By this time, the bunch of new zygotic cells or the embryo is ready to transform into a fetus. If you take a home pregnancy test now, there are much higher chances of a positive result. Do you want to know about the size and growth of your baby at this stage and the changes that your body will undergo in the 3rd week of your pregnancy? Read on to find out valuable details.

3 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Although you have conceived now, your baby looks nothing like a baby as yet. Its size is comparable to a poppy seed and is just in its cellular form in your fallopian tube. However, there are several developmental phases that the embryo goes through during this week. Below mentioned is the list of changes:

  • First of all the embryo at this stage is termed as 'morula'. The tiny bunch of cells in your fallopian tube now resembles a ball and is in a cell multiplication spree.
  • Once the fertilization has occurred, within 30 hours, the morula divides into two cells and then four, eight, sixteen and so on.
  • This ball of multiplying cells soon starts sliding from the fallopian tube and makes its way to the uterus.
  • During the process of traveling to the uterus, the morula now becomes what is called a blastocyst. This blastocyst has some differentiated cells and slowly transforms from the close dense mass to a hollowed form and fills up with fluid.
  • Next, comes one of the most important processes in pregnancy, the implantation stage. This is critical to a successful pregnancy. It is at this stage that the blastocyst finds a place in the uterus and lodges itself to the thick lining of the uterus. Remember all the hormones that were preparing the uterus for the last two weeks? It is during the 3rd week that implantation occurs and your tiny one finds its home for the next 37 weeks.
  • The mucous membrane lining your uterus medically called the endometrium, begins to supply nutrients to the blastocyst.
  • You will be surprised to know that the effect of parental chromosomes and genes have already determined the gender, color of the eye, hair, and skin complexion of your baby. So if you think eating or drinking certain traditional things will have an impact on these things, you are in for a surprise.
  • Some important parts of the human body are also beginning to form, though in a rudimentary stage such as the brain, the spinal cord, and the gastrointestinal tract.

Just because your baby undergoes so many changes at this stage, you may think you have already something considerably big growing inside your womb. But that is not the case at all and your baby is just between .2 to .5 mm. In case you get a scan done, you will have a hard time figuring out the tiny poppy seed like thing that is actually your baby at the end of week 3 of your pregnancy!

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Are you feeling excited already, now that you have conceived for sure? Accompanied with your baby's growth, you will begin to experience certain body changes as your body is now in full action to take care of the growing baby that is in the process of getting implanted in your womb. Here are the things most women experience in terms of body changes during this time:

Nausea: This is by far one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. You will feel immense discomfort and specific senses such as smell, sight, and taste that can affect your state of being.

Vomiting: You will find it difficult to eat all the regular stuff you have been consuming all these days. Some women can hardly keep anything inside and throw up every time they eat a meal. Don't worry this is a passing phase and will soon fade out.

Weight loss: Though pregnancy will come with its added pounds, at week three and a few weeks after that too, you may experience weight loss due to vomiting and nausea.

Loss of appetite: As there are severe hormonal changes in your body, you may grow an apathy towards food and have to force feed yourself for the basic energy needs. Needless to say, this will be a difficult time but soon you will outgrow it.

Sensitivity towards smell: You may find certain smells intolerable such as that of perfumes, soaps, oil, spices and so on. Try to keep some lemons handy as they can provide some relief for this problem.

Cramps: You may experience sudden cramps as there are internal changes, especially in your uterus. A relaxing pregnancy massage can help ease your muscles to make you feel great.

3 Weeks Pregnant

Health Tips

Now that your pregnancy is confirmed it is time to take your health extra seriously. The first trimester is crucial for you and your baby so you have to pay attention to your body needs.

Up your nutrition intake

Legumes, whole grains, leafy vegetables and animal protein such as fish and meat are packed with calcium, iron and folic acid that will help in the healthy development of your baby's bones and muscles in the coming weeks.

Don't treat pregnancy as an illness

Continue with your regular life. You don't need to cancel your gym membership or quit your job at this stage if you are a working woman. Staying fit with daily activities that will help you deal with your pregnancy better.

Get in touch with a reputable gynecologist

Consult a gynecologist who can be there for medical consultations throughout the term of your pregnancy. Make sure you are comfortable discussing your health concerns and other issues comfortably with your doctor.

Smell-neutral food

Since your sense of smell may affect your appetite, eat simple food for the time being such as lentil soup, plain porridge with stir fried veggies, cold salads and so on.

You have finally embarked on your journey towards motherhood. So remember to stay happy and healthy and if you feel distressed with nausea and cramps, the good news is, they will pass soon and you will experience an enjoyable time soon.


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