Pregnancy Week By Week : 2 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Ah now you're in your second week of pregnancy but you still can't really feel a thing. You are still in the process of conceiving ....

Ah now you're in your second week of pregnancy but you still can't really feel a thing. You are still in the process of conceiving. You are ovulating and your egg is all ready for a strong sperm to penetrate it and begin the process of fertilization. Very few women can actually tell the exact date of the conception, but most women remain unaware of the new development in their bodies till there are some evident physical changes.

2 Weeks Pregnant

If you have been planning to conceive and have missed your periods, you stand a high chance of testing positive for pregnancy. However, you are technically not pregnant even in the second week as you are still in the ovulation phase. The fertilization generally takes place after 2 weeks of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). But by week 2 your body begins to get signals from the reproductive hormones to start preparing your uterus to house the fertilized egg. The fertilized egg will soon begin to grow with the help of the cell division process resulting in a zygote.

Baby Development

Week 2 is when the baby development is at the embryo stage. Once the sperm fertilizes the egg sometime during the second week, the following developments take place:
  • Once the zygote begins to divide and reach 150 cells, it is called an embryo.
  • The embryo will transform into 3 separate layers, the endoderm, the mesoderm and the ectoderm.
  • The secretions in the uterus lining will protect the embryo at this stage.
  • Though the developments sound like a lot, the growing embryo is just .1 to .2 mm long in size at this stage.

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

As your body to getting ready to nurture and protect the growing embryo, you may experience some unpleasant physical changes, although there is nothing to compare it to the joy of becoming a mother. Here are the bodily changes you can expect during the 2nd week of your pregnancy:

The uterine wall will thicken: Pregnancy hormones such as endometrium will kick in and make sure that your uterine wall is thick enough to protect the embryo that is now in a floating state in your womb.

Nausea: You may feel sudden pangs of giddiness and discomfort as the hormones rage in your system to create a conducive environment for the baby inside you. No matter how uncomfortable it is, this is a positive sign of pregnancy. Lucky are the women who do not experience any of it, but even if you do, cherish the fact that you will be bringing a wonderful new life into this world.

Breast tenderness: The hormones estrogen and progesterone are secreted in high quantities in your body that results in breast tenderness. Your breasts retain a lot of fluids and therefore feel sore and heavier than usual. There is more sensitivity too.

More rampant mood swings: The mood swings begin to get more frequent thanks to the hormone production in your body. You may feel like screaming at your spouse at one time and then feel extra loving at the very next moment.

Temperature changes: This is another symptom that you may or may not notice at this stage but your body may feel a sudden rush of chill even when the temperature is high or you may begin to perspire in the cold winter. These things mostly happen due to the hormonal changes in your body.

2 Weeks Pregnant

Health Tips

Folic acid is a must

If you wish to ensure healthy brain and spinal cord development in your baby, this is a critical supplement you should start taking during the earliest stage of pregnancy.

Reduce your coffee intake

If you are addicted to coffee and have been drinking a considerable amount each day (5 to 8 cups), the second week of pregnancy is a good time to start cutting down on it. More than 8 ounces of caffeine in a pregnant woman can affect the baby's growth in the later weeks. So if you are unable to stop drinking coffee completely, try to let go of one cup at a time.

Light work out for relaxation

Your stress levels can impact your fertility. Therefore it is a brilliant idea to practice some stress-relief activities such as meditation, pranayama or yoga to calm your nerves.

Start an affair with fresh veggies

It is still not time to take calcium or other supplements (except folic acid), but you can have a healthy and nutritious start by indulging in green leafy vegetable and fresh fruits to cleanse your body and slowly get rid of all the junk that you may have accumulated over the years.

Soon the tiny embryo will grow into a fetus. So it is best to consult your gynecologist at this stage to find out if you have really conceived. Home pregnancy tests may give you a false negative result sometimes leaving you worried and anxious. So if you sense the symptoms mentioned above, make a trip to the clinic to be sure.


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