10 Travel-Friendly Beauty Hacks That Will Help You Save Space Yet Look Gorgeous

Hello, everyone. Last year when I took a trip to Goa, I literally took my whole makeup collection with me. And that created so much confusi...

Hello, everyone. Last year when I took a trip to Goa, I literally took my whole makeup collection with me. And that created so much confusion it was tuff to decide which one to opt and I lost makeup brushes as well. I so wished someone told me to pack cautiously and smartly. A few days back when I was thinking of this, I thought of working on travel-friendly beauty hacks. So let's see how we can incorporate these traveling hacks for beauty fanatics like us and save us the trouble. This would seriously help you a lot!

Travel-Friendly Beauty Hacks

1. Sample Products

Sample sized products applies to skin care. You may find in various stores where they keep sample size or travel size products for your skin care or hair care items and thus always carry them with you. For certain products, if you fail to get the sample size, try buying small empty containers or bottles. Fill those small bottles yourself and use it while traveling. This would help you save a lot of space and will make the packaging compact.

2. Makeup Palettes

Yes, invest in a good makeup palette. There are numerous travel-friendly makeup palettes in the market for face and eyes, eye and lips, face and lips and so on. There are also palettes where you can get the blush, compact, bronzer, and highlighter packed in one so that it is easier to carry with you. This will save a lot of time and space and you won't have to frantically search the bag while doing your makeup. Also, the eye palettes can be used as highlighters (every eye palette has one or two highlighter shades) as well while lip palettes can double up as creamy blushes.

3. Makeup Brushes

I can't do my makeup without them and used to carry them for everything. Well, I was wrong. For eyes, simply carry a blending brush because patting the color and smudging can be done with fingers. For lips, try to use the wand or the bullet itself for the application. For the face, I would strongly advise carrying a blending sponge like Beauty Blender, RT Sponge, etc. However, if you are more comfortable with brushes, stick to multipurpose face brushes like Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or Buffing brush. So, one or two face brushes and one eye brush is all you need.

Makeup Brushes

4. Multi-styling Tools

You don't want a bad hair day on a trip because you can't afford to look bad in pictures, well at least that what works for me! Carry multi-styling tools like hot brushes or hair straightener cum curler round brushes which are available in the market. The hot brushes are great in taming the frizz and give a smooth look to the hair without damaging it at all. Thus, the hair will stay in place and would be manageable as well.

5. BB/CC Creams

Save yourself from carrying primer, foundation, bronzer, concealer, and color corrector by simply investing in a good BB/CC Cream. This would give you an even tone, smooth out the blemishes, brightens up the look and also works as a skin enhancer. Nobody likes heavy makeup while traveling or sightseeing (generally, these things are hectic) and thus light makeup will let your pores breathe and you will look fresh with a simple touch of compact.

6. Quality Nail Polish and Top Coat

If you are traveling for a week or so, do not carry tons of nail paints with you. Carrying nail paints means you have to carry nail removers as well. So, invest in a nice quality nail paint with a good top coat as well so that the color doesn't chip for days. You can also go for a simple manicure, glitter nail paints (they last a long time) or graffiti top coats. Also, if you have to carry nail removers at all, try the nail remover pads or ready to use sponges.

7. Hair Serum

Deep conditioning, oiling, and other hydrating care are not possible while you are traveling. So use a good hair serum to tame the frizz and unruly hair. The serum will add a shine and gloss to the tresses, make the hair more manageable and will also set it in place. You can also skip the hair conditioner while traveling and use the serum instead after the shower. Also, use a paddle brush to detangle your hair every time.

Hair Styling

8. Skincare Solutions

You can't afford to compromise on this front but that doesn't mean you have to carry the whole skin care collection. Use a face wash which has micro scrubbing particles and would double up as exfoliator cum cleanser. Use the facial spray for refreshing as well as toning. For moisturizer, try using facial oils which work on every skin and would work as a moisturizer as well for night-time hydration. And you can wake up to a glossy wonderful skin. Instead of facial cream masks, use the sheet masks for traveling as they hydrate and relax the skin as well.

9. Facial Spray

As I have mentioned earlier, facial sprays can be used for refreshing as well as toning. They also hydrate the skin to a large extent and is an essential product for the skin care. Use a hydrating spray which is meant for your skin type. For general purpose, you can also use a rose water as a facial spray.

10. Separate Pouches

Always make two separate pouches for makeup and skin care. I know for a girl it is very difficult to fit her whole makeup collection in a single pouch but I would advise sticking to a medium sized pouch for both skin care and makeup. This would help you find everything in place when you need it and you won't have to go berserk looking for a particular product. The same goes for skin care as well.

Travel Makeup Bag

These are the travel hacks which will make you look gorgeous on your next vacation. Share yours with us in the comment section below and let us know how you like to travel in style.

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