10 Signs Of A Man Who Will Never Stop Loving You

As human beings, we all are different and express our feelings in a different manner. Even if you have spent years with someone, there would...

As human beings, we all are different and express our feelings in a different manner. Even if you have spent years with someone, there would still be certain things that you could be unsure of regarding your partner. Men don't always voice their feelings openly, so understanding what they feel about you can be a bit difficult sometimes. So if your man does these things, it means he really loves you and you have got a keeper!

Signs Of A Man Who Will Never Stop Loving You

1. Supports You No Matter What

When a man loves you, he will support your dreams and goals, whether it is huge or small. As long as something does not harm you, he won't think of stopping you. Even if he disagrees with something, he would still stand by your side, simply because he knows that it means a lot to you. He will go through thick and thin with you and will even give you the advice to help you out in difficult situations. A supportive man who helps you grow and evolve is a man who truly loves you.

2. Solves Any Disagreement

A man who doesn't care about a relationship won't stick through all the fights and won't necessarily care about solving them. Whereas a man who loves you won't try to avoid a disagreement, he would try to sit down and solve it with you, no matter how difficult or messy it becomes. This is because he understands that if an issue is avoided today it can become an obstacle in the future. If he apologizes he would mean it and try to fix his mistake. He is willing to work through anything for the relationship.

3. Makes You A Part Of Decision Making

When a man loves you, he values your opinion too. That means before taking any huge step such as buying a new car or taking a new job, he would ask you or make you a part of the decision-making process. He would consider your thoughts and then only take the decision. If you strongly dislike something or disagree with something, he will immediately leave that option as he wouldn't want to do anything that would impact you in a negative manner.

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4. Shows Love & Affectionate

When a man loves you, he won't be afraid to show his love and affection. In fact, he would love to shower you with affection. It doesn't mean grand gestures, but it can be little things that he does to show you how much you mean to him. You can count on him for a hug if you feel sad, or a hand to hold when you need someone. He won't hold back on anything, his love would be pure and he won't let time fade the romance.

5. Genuinely Cares For You

When a man loves you, he would treat you like a queen. It can be a small massage or cooking your favorite dish. Being affectionate is important in romance, but genuinely caring for someone is priceless. A man in love would take care of all the little things and would ensure that nothing can harm you. For him, your health and safety will always be the most important things. One thing you might have noticed with some men is that while you are walking on the street, they would immediately pull you towards the footpath side to keep you in the safe zone. It's little things like these that reveal how much they care about you.

6. Respects & Trusts You

If a man loves you, he will respect you and your individuality. He will be a bit possessive no doubt, but he will give you your freedom. If he has an issue, he will talk about it instead of just stopping you from doing something. He will actually respect and trust your decisions. He won't become abusive just because you both had a fight, be it emotional, mental or physical. A man who truly loves you, will never ever be abusive towards you or try to harm you in any way. If he does, it's time to walk away as no man who is in love is ever abusive towards his partner.

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7. Speaks As Well As Listens

When a man is attached to you, he would love to share everything he did in his day-to-day life with you. He would want you to know all his secrets and stories. You would be the first person he would want to share his good or bad news with. But at the same time, he will listen to you talk about anything and everything. He won't judge you for your past or criticize you for your present. He actually would love to listen to everything you did in your day. This is a very important factor because, without communication, a relation can hardly be stable in the long run.

8. Accepts Both Your Strengths & Weaknesses

As your partner, he would know everything about you. If he genuinely loves and respects you, he won't use your weakness against you even if you both have a huge fight. He might say some things in anger rarely, but he won't make it a habit as he is fully aware that it will hurt you. The thing is that, when you are with a man who knows all your strengths and weakness, you will see a change in you. The change is that you will be automatically encouraged to enhance your strengths and you won't think twice before telling him about your weakness or fears because you know he will be there to support you no matter what. He will allow you to be your natural self without any fear of judgment.  

9. Your Happiness Matters

Everything mentioned above indirectly is directed towards you being happy. So there is no question that if your man loves you, he will try to do things to make you happy. It can be small surprises or just a simple "I love you" in the middle of a conversation. When he says he loves to see you smile, he actually means it. You can always count on him to make you happy after a bad day. That's the kind of person you need in your life, someone who will be your ray of sunshine even during the darkest days.

10. Considers Long-Term Goals

A man in love will find even a lifetime short to spend with you. He won't be afraid of commitments or future plans. He is actually willing to work practically to reach those goals, to have that life you both planned together. He is fully committed to you and it can be seen that he isn't willing to let that go. You can be assured that this is the kind of man that will be perfect for your future family.

Signs Of A Man Who Will Never Stop Loving You

If your man does only some of these things and not all, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. At the end of the day, it's how comfortable you feel with him and how much he loves and respects you that matters.

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