7 Best Kept Chinese Beauty Secrets That You Should Try Now

Beauty is found everywhere and is not restricted by few boundaries. From the east to the west – every region has a certain folklore and embe...

Beauty is found everywhere and is not restricted by few boundaries. From the east to the west – every region has a certain folklore and embedded its own cultures and routines. In today's post, we are going to talk about the beauty secrets from China. Chinese women have glowing porcelain skin and amazing shiny hair, all thanks to the various beauty secrets that they have been following since forever. Their skin care products are also very popular in the beauty world for delivering such glowing skin. So let us see the amazing beauty secrets of the Chinese women that we can incorporate in our daily life.

Best Kept Chinese Beauty Secrets That You Should Try Now

1. Brightening The Complexion

Chinese Women Bright Complexion Secrets

Their doll-like luminescent skin is something every girl would dream for. They use regular face masks, made of natural ingredients like turmeric, mint leaves, and liquorice to enhance the skin and prevent clogging of pores. For the base makeup, they use sheer foundation, concealer under the eyes and finish off with fine milled loose powder. This helps to give a flawless matte finish and soft skin, avoiding the heavy cakey makeup face. Also, buff the product well on the skin.

2. Rejuvenation Of The Skin

Oyster Shell Powder Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Skin rejuvenation is a very important part of Chinese skin care. It helps to retain the natural look. Chinese women generally use a mixture of oyster shell powder with honey and egg yolk. This helps to tighten the pores, brighten the skin and reduce inflammation and redness. It also helps to drive away discoloration and pigmentation with the passage of time. However, oyster shell powder may not be easily accessible in India and thus you can use the pearl face masks and face packs for that kind of effect on the skin.

3. Skip Dieting and Drink Tea

Chinese Tea Beauty Treatment

Many of us concentrate on dieting and avoid various food items for glowing skin and healthy body but Chinese women drink tea to keep their skin glowing. From white, black, green and oolong tea – everything can do wonders for your skin. Also, there are various herbs added to tea to increase the potential of the ingredients. It gives a glowing skin, stronger immune system, prevents illness and also detoxes the body. These teas are loaded with antioxidants (which has so many anti-aging benefits), minerals, amino acids, vitamin C, and carotenoids that will give you a radiant complexion and are also healthy for the body.

4. Flawless Younger Looking Skin

Chinese Flawless Younger Looking Skin

The use of essence and facial oils are very popular in China for various beauty secrets. Due to the properties of the essence and facial oils, the skin is hydrated and this prevents the appearance of fine lines, crow's feet and wrinkles. Also, the sunscreen is a must have skin care product which helps to retain the glow of the skin. Thus, make sure to hydrate the skin well (without making it look oily) and get flawless younger looking skin.

5. Skin Toners

Chinese Beauty Skin Toner

Skin toners are also a very important part of Chinese beauty and skin care routine. They mainly use the rice water to enhance the skin. It adds a glow to the skin, brings a positive change and also tightens the pores, revealing a flawless skin. Simply soak unpolished rice in a bowl of distilled water and refrigerate it. Use a spray bottle to apply this onto the skin and see how refreshed the skin looks.

6. Facial Massages

Benefits Of Facial Massage

Facial massages are greatly beneficial to the skin. It helps to reduce stress, increases blood circulation and also helps to cure sinusitis and headaches. Facial massage also helps to stimulate the face muscles and thus helps to bring oxygen to that area which is a natural form of anti-aging skin care in itself. Also, massage the eye area gently which will prevent eye bags, discoloration, and pigmentation.

7. Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients For Skincare

Chinese women rely a lot on natural ingredients like herbs and roots to take care of their skin. These are very much safe for the skin and give some really good long term benefits. They also prevent any side effects of chemicals and help to keep the skin young and glowing. Thus prepare DIY's at home for beauty, hair, and skincare rather than the chemically indulgent ones.

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    1. Sucharitha, tea really helps a lot. I have stopped drinking coffee and tea really helps the skin a lot. :)

  2. They have such flawless complexion and even wonderful physique too! Love to have it!


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