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Finally, it has started with the full-fledged monsoon in Kolkata! I am just cooped up in my room with tea and snacks and have been watching ...

Finally, it has started with the full-fledged monsoon in Kolkata! I am just cooped up in my room with tea and snacks and have been watching Person of Interest back to back. A few days ago, I received a package in my mail with the best possible haul of all times! I am sure you have already guessed the name of the person who has sent this, all the way from abroad. Lavanya, I am just out of words to thank you for this. The haul is filled with lip colors, nail colors, eye shadows and all the possible and lovable makeup items that you can think of! Ever since I received, I was trying out some of them and loved the products. These brands or products are not available in India and by no means, I could have my hands on them. Let see what are the products I have received and my first impressions on few of them.

Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art Neon

The two neon colors from Sally Hansen are gorgeous. I love dark neon as they suit my warm complexion pretty well and the blue is heart melting one if you ask me. In fact, you can also use these for various nail arts and I am looking forward to trying some.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipsticks

The four Color Sensational Lipstick shades from the house of Maybelline New York is just a bomb! I won't reveal the shades now but all I can say is they are just one point. Also, I used the Color Sensational version of India which was pretty patchy and waxy but this one is surely one of the softest and creamiest lip color I have used so far. Why this partiality Maybelline?

L.A. Colors Loose Eyeshadow Lollipop and L.A. Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow Traditional

L.A. Colors weren't previously available in India (Nykaa now started stocking some but most of the things are out of stock). So I never had the chance but now I have a stunning baby pink loose eyeshadow as well as a neutral palette for daily wear. I am planning for some eye looks with these two.

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks

Maybelline hasn't launched Color Whisper Lipsticks in India and I was elated to try these out. Again, they are richer and creamier and the colors are perfect for everyday wear. I have been reaching out to these colors a lot and loving the way it looks on me.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm

This brand is known for some really nourishing skin care and I got to try the Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm. It is a colorless (almost odorless) lip balm that really works for my dry lips. My first impression with this product happens to be pretty good but since I have been experimenting with other lip balms as well, the results are yet to be comprehensive.

L.A. Colors All-In-One Makeup Stick Pink Satin

This multipurpose product is a lifesaver for any busy women. This All-In-One Makeup Stick Pink Satin from L.A.Colors can be used as a blusher, lip color as well as eye shadow. I haven't yet tried out this one but it looks pretty cool-toned to me.

Milani Lipstick Cabaret Blend and Milani Crystal Lip Gloss

Milani Lipstick Cabaret Blend is the first one I tried from the haul and it blew my mind. No kidding! Firstly the gorgeous gold wrapping and that deep warm maroon color are the perfect love for lips. In fact, the color is a close dupe for L'Oreal Paris Collection Star Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor). The Milani Crystal Lip Gloss is a reddish gloss with shimmers in it.

Sassy + Chic Nail Art en Jam Berry Scent

A cute combo of nail paint and art. I am the laziest person when it comes to nail arts but I love this combo set which makes the life so much easier, prettier and perkier. The color combo is certainly stunning and I am waiting for my nails to grow out a bit long to try this out.

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Ball Kiss of Rose and Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal Moisturizing Lip Balm Gleaming Coral

A haul is incomplete without a Baby Lips and this time, it's two! It's almost like a ritual now! The Baby Lips Balm Ball Kiss of Rose reminds me of the EOS ball lips balms and it is so easy and fun to apply than the normal twist up stick. The Crystal Moisturizing Lip Balm has shimmery particles which look so good and natural on lips.

Wet n Wild Megawear Mascara Very Black and L.A. Colors Bold Plum Lash Mascara Soft Black

Mascara is something I am totally addicted to in the past few months and have been wearing to college as well. They define the eyes so well and makes the eyes look open. I received two mascaras – one from Wet n Wild and the other is L.A. Colors. Both of them promise a bold look and I am looking forward to using them for various eye makeups.

Colormates Lipstick & Lipliner Pencil Ruby Red

A combo of lipstick and lip liner is the perfect one for a pout and the color is a bomb in itself! As I am drawn to deep reds and maroons nowadays, I have worn this to a party and it looks so feminine and gorgeous. The lip liner is also a great one and acts as a lip primer.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Glitter Single Spiked

I was planning for a glitter eye makeup but realized that I don't own a proper glitter eyeshadow and just then this perfect beauty arrived. The glitter is a combo of silver and black and can be paired up in so many different ways. Love this to the moon and back!

Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss Berried Treasure

A semi-opaque berry gloss which would really impress gloss lovers. The days when I don't feel like doing anything special for lips, I simply put this on with a dash of kohl on the eyes. Although it has few cons, I am yet to try it properly for a review.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Cosmic Blue and Wet n Wild Shine Nail Color Tickled Pink

I just can't get enough of nail colors and these are like adding jewels to my nail collection. I got a cosmic blue color from Sally Hansen Magnetic series which looks quite appealing from the bottle itself. While the other color is a creamy pink form the house of Wet n Wild which might be a little cool toned although I haven't yet tried in person.


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  1. Waiting for the reviews. And I agree with you that the maybelline lip products are super creamy. I own a few and love them.

    1. Thanks a lot Lavanya. You know the Color Sensational version of India is so patchy but these are superb in terms of texture!

  2. Wow...waiting for the reviews.
    Always had an eye on maybelline crystal lip balm.

    1. Just a matter of time now.. will send them soon..


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