8 Awesome Gift Ideas For The Beauty Addict In Your Life

Hello, everyone! This post is dedicated to all those parents, friends, relatives or boyfriends who have hard-core beauty lovers in their liv...

Hello, everyone! This post is dedicated to all those parents, friends, relatives or boyfriends who have hard-core beauty lovers in their lives. Choosing a perfect gift for someone special can be a bit tricky sometimes. For me, a perfect gift is something that is of some use to the one we are gifting and not just sit idle in their cupboards for the next 20 years. One of my friends is a total makeup junkie and every year it's such a headache to choose a perfect gift for her on special occasions which are unique yet useful. Initially, my choice in gifts was totally wrong but with years of practice, I have proudly mastered this art and today I am going to share with you some of the tried and tested gifting options for beauty lovers in your life which will make their special day even more special.

Following are the gift ideas you can choose from, however, while browsing the list if you get tempted to buy them for yourself go ahead and do it because it's the normal trait of a true beauty lover.

1. Makeup Organizer

This is such a convenient, affordable and very useful gifting option for a beauty lover. They may have so many lipsticks, eye pencils, different kind of palettes, foundations etc. but many of them get wasted or are not available in needy times due to poor storage. Proper management and storage of a beauty product are very important as it can increase their shelf life and also ensures we can find them at the right time. So a nice makeup organizer will ensure all the products are in their proper place and will save a lot of time. Makeup organizers are available in different shapes and sizes and you can buy them from any retail store or purchase online.

2. Makeup Brush Set

Makeup sponges and brushes ensure the smooth application of makeup and provide a flawless finish. Having a good brush set is important to get the best out of your products. It can make excellent gifting option for those who have tons of makeup lying around but forgot to buy a nice brush set and are still dependent on their fingers for makeup application.

3. Eye & Lip Palettes

Carrying around separate makeup products like eye shadows, lip stains, blushes and pressed powders everywhere takes up lots of space and is not so travel-friendly. These days single palettes are available that combine all of them and are very easy to use and carry.

4. Limited Edition Fragrances

Nothing can lift the mood better than a nice fragrance. It also makes perfect gifting option. You may choose from the regular one or if you can spare some more bucks you can buy limited editions that will make your special one feel more special.

5. Customized Makeup Pouch

This gifting option will combine the power of two. You buy a cute little makeup pouch which itself is a nice gift but in addition throw in some random beauty items like eyeliners, lipsticks etc. making it a dream gift for makeup junkie. It will also come very handy while traveling.

6. Nail Art Kit

These days different nail styles and tattoos are in fashion. It becomes so inconvenient to learn nail art and still not getting the desired style. Nail art kits are a good solution for this. They have stamps of different designs and so many shades of nail paints. Within minutes you can create your own nail art style and proudly flaunt it.

7. Bath & Body Set

After a hectic day all you need is a relaxing hot bath with fragrant body shampoos and bath salts which can give a spa-like experience at home. So many options of bath and body sets are available online as well as in the market. You can choose from them and your beauty lover friend will not stop thanking you for this one.

8. Vanity Mirror

Never underestimate the power of a good vanity mirror. They make an elegant gifting option with lots of varieties to choose from. You can gift cute little pocket mirror or hand-held ones or table ones when you are running on a budget. However, you can make it gaudier by buying a lighted vanity mirror to make her feel like a Hollywood star.

So that's it, this is the list of gifting options you can choose for beauty lovers. Do remember that these gifting options will please most of the women and are designed especially for beauty lovers. They might not go very well for those who swears away from beauty and makeup as it may be of no use for them.
Please comment below to add more items in the list and how you find this article.

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