10 Beauty Trends That Are Here To Stay

Every year or every season a new trend comes up. Similarly, some trends are completely forgotten. Now, there are some trends which are so ea...

Every year or every season a new trend comes up. Similarly, some trends are completely forgotten. Now, there are some trends which are so easy going, chic and stunning that we are sure to love them anyway and they are becoming popular day by day. Here are some of the best beauty trends that we would love to have for a long time to come. Let's have a look at the list.

Beautiful Woman

1. Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick

From Chambor to Colorbar to Colorpop to MAC, liquid lipsticks are getting sprinkled all over the beauty world and we are in love with it. These lipsticks, mostly, turn matte and stay put the whole day and there is no fuss at all with bleeding, touchups, transfer, low pigmentation, etc. Therefore, in every department, it scores high and we are just busy buying different colors from every brand. Since it is so good, the trend needs to stay until we discover something better.

2. Strobing


So what if you are having a bad skin today? Bring out the radiant highlighter and apply wherever you want the dewy look and see how you shine! In strobing, you need to highlight the highest points of your face like the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, above your brow, Cupid's bow, and center of your chin and forehead. This is the ideal way to get a glowing dewy look. In fact, beauty experts have stated that strobing is the new contouring. Contouring is time-consuming and also requires skill but simple highlighting easily gets the job done.

3. Baking

Baking Face

Baking is a phenomenon done by makeup artists over the years but very recently it was popularized and we love it. It is basically used under the eyes to set the concealer, center of your chin and forehead and below the contour line. It gives a smooth, poreless effect to the skin and photographs exceptionally well. All you need to do is stack up loads of powder on the mentioned areas and sit for about 10-15 minutes. Dust off the excess and see how natural and flawless you look.

4. Eyebrow Game


Eyebrows play a major role, not only for eye makeup but for the full makeup as well. Well-trimmed, thick and properly filled eyebrow game is just becoming too strong and also makes you look younger. Therefore, the less you pluck and the more natural in size and shape you keep the eyebrows, chances are they'll frame your face better than any stylist or your own mastering eye slash hand.

5. Winger / Cat Eyeliner

winger eyeliner

Winged or cat eyeliner is just the perfect trend we want to see forever. Be a traditional look or a western one, cat or winged liner is the right pick for every occasion. It gives so much definition and depth to the eyes and is one of the classiest looks of all times. The lining is basically a regular phenomenon and the exaggerated wings are the perfect one to add to the drama. Be it the regular kajal, gel liner or other eyeliners, you can create winged liner with anything you are comfortable with.

6. Bold Lipstick

Bold Lipstick

In general, we always restricted bold lipstick to the wintery months but over the period of time it has become a statement favorite. From the international runways to our very own Bollywood divas, all have been donning the trend of bold look for every possible occasion. It brings the limelight to the lips, so make sure you keep the rest of the face minimal or simply add a winged liner to balance out. Bold lip color is also the cult favorite for this year's spring look.

7. Neutral Or No-Makeup Makeup Look

No Makeup

Gone are the days when heavy foundation would rule. Neutral makeup is the new thing and we love how flawless, natural and easy going it looks. Moreover, neutral is the new sexy and we are going for it for everything – be it eyes, lips or makeup. All you need to do is invest in a good highlighter and may be some compact or loose powder. Pair it up with soft kohl eyes and MLBB lip color and see how beautiful it turns out to be.

8. Smokey Eyes

smokey eyes

Well-blended smoky eyes and nude lips – nothing can ever be sexier than that. Whenever you are going for a big event or party, smoky eyes and neutral lips is the best and hottest combo that can never go wrong. It gives a veil of mystery and looks extremely sultry for warm Indian skin tone. Just make sure to blend the color really well to avoid any harsh lines. When you are time crunched, simply apply a thick layer of kohl and smudge it slightly with a Q-tip.

9. Nude Nail Colors

nail color

Beige, soft brown, gray and taupe nail paints are raving in the beauty market and we love how suede and gorgeous it looks on the nails. It has a mute touch to it which has all the glamor you need. The best thing is you can pair it up with traditional, formal as well as western outfits like a cakewalk. This nail trend is sure to last long in the beauty world.

10. Head Bands

head band

The amazing Boho touch it gives to the hair is worth everything. Headbands designed from various materials and styled with a versatile object are forming one of the biggest hair accessory trends which we see in various events and runways. It holds the hair away from forehead and their multifunctional character can be used with almost any hairstyle and occasion.

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