10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Shahrukh Khan

No matter how much we praise him, everything seems less in front of his glory. He is a self-made man without any Bollywood background who es...

No matter how much we praise him, everything seems less in front of his glory. He is a self-made man without any Bollywood background who established himself in the industry and took it over. With his exceptional acting skills and the dimpled smile, he has made whole India his fan. You must have guessed by now whom am I talking about, right? He is my first crush, my childhood heartthrob, Baazigar, Don, Badshah, Dilwala, most loved and romantic actor of Bollywood - one and only Shahrukh Khan. The journey of Shahrukh in Bollywood is nothing but commendable. It's full of high and low points. Being the most loved celebrity of India there are so many things we already know about him but there are some facts that we don't. So here we present to you some of the least known facts about our very own Shahrukh Khan that will probably blow your mind.

Shahrukh Khan

1. He was the "Student Of The Year" in real life.

Before you start getting ideas, I am not talking about the Karan Johar's movie "Student Of The Year". I am talking about the real life. Shahrukh khan was always an achiever during his school days. He was good in academics, played cricket at national levels, and won sword of honor (a prize given to the best student of his school).

2. His real name is Abdul Rehman.

Now this is a real shocker, imagine "…and the award goes to Abdul Rehman" it just doesn't make sense to my ears. Originally his maternal grandmother named him Abdul Rehman but his mother changed his name to Shahrukh Khan later because she thinks his face is like of a prince. How right she was!

3. He has a phobia of riding horses, eating ice creams and swimming.

Everyone one is afraid of something or the other. We have seen people with phobias of lizards, insects, heights and what not. But Shahrukh Khan being unique has a different set of phobias. I mean who fears eating ice-creams. I can have them all day if I could. He also fears to ride horses and swimming under water. He himself admitted on his twitter handle that he is not a good swimmer and feels shy while swimming in front of other people.

Shahrukh Khan

4. He has not seen his debut movie Deewana till now.

His debut movie Deewana was released in 1992 in which he shared the screen space with Divya Bharti and Rishi Kapoor. The film itself was not a major hit but surely the acting of Shahrukh did not go unnoticed as he got back to back offers for movies after that. However, an interesting point to note here is that he hadn't watched this movie even now as he believes his fist and last movies will be start and end of his life story book. He doesn't want to read the bookends, just the story in between them is what he want to read.

5. He made his debut from the television series "Fauji".

Before coming to Bollywood, King Khan has done several projects for the small screen. His debut series was "Fauji" where he played the role of an army cadet. This role was greatly appreciated and he got another role in "Circus". He also performed in several other television serials like Dil Dariya, Waagle Ki Duniya etc.

6. His lucky no is 555.

You may call it superstition or just fancy, Shahrukh khan owns a number of impressive cars and all of those has a series of the number 555. He also has this 555 series in his cell phone number. Not only this, it is also rumored that he insists his staff members have the same series of their mobile and vehicle registration numbers.

7. He shared maximum screen space with Juhi Chawla.

Despite his stark chemistry with actresses like Kajol and Rani Mukherjee, Juhi Chawla holds the honor of sharing the screen space maximum no of times, i.e., 11 times with him.

Shahrukh Khan

8. He is a die-hard fan of blue jeans.

Shahrukh Khan keeps his fashion statement very simple. He loves the combination of white shirt or t-shirt with blue jeans. He owns more than 1500 jeans and all of them are blue. Also, he doesn't like ill-fitted jeans or tight jeans. He likes his jeans a little on the looser side.

9. He is a gaming geek.

Shahrukh khan fancies video games so much that he dedicated a whole floor in his apartment Mannat for gaming. He thinks gaming eases his mind and relaxes him.

10. He wanted to join the army.

Being very good in sports and physical activities, Shahrukh's dream was to join the army and serve the nation. But guess fate had something else decided for him and he started acting. Thank God he took up acting as Bollywood would have been incomplete without the Baadshah.

So these are facts you probably would not have known about Shahrukh Khan but now you do. Please leave comments to share your love towards him and some more points that are unknown.

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