How To Utilize Nail Polish In Various Ways

When was the last time you have used a nail polish completely, like till the last drop? Well, for me, never! I always buy two or more nail l...

When was the last time you have used a nail polish completely, like till the last drop? Well, for me, never! I always buy two or more nail lacquers every month (which is now kind of a ritual)and stay obsessed with it for few weeks and then completely forget about it. By the time I remember that I have purchased a nail polish, it is already dried or thick or expired. But as you know, wasting is surely not good. So I have found out different ways to use expired or unused nail lacquers to make your life a little colorful, glittery, easier and fun. So, let's see how you can utilize a nail polish in various ways. 

1. Paint Your Hair Clips 

Gather all your black, old, chipped and rough bobby pins and hair clips in a place along with the expired or unused nail lacquers. Color them with it and you can also add glitter or sparkle stones and studs on it as well. Let it get completely dry and voila! Your hair clips are now cuter and prettier. Best thing is, you won't have to shell out big bucks on this and your hair accessories are revamped. 

2. Keep Your Jewelry New 

College and teenage are all about trying out newly styled jewelry like ear cuffs, midi rings, knuckle rings and many other things. Personally, I have a huge collection of earrings and knuckle rings. All of them are artificial ones and not some big shot golden ones as I shop for these from the local market. However, after few uses, they often start to shed the color and lose the glossiness. But now I have a great solution for them. After I buy them, I simply paint them with clear nail polish (transparent top coats) and let them get dry completely. In this way, they never lose the shine and stay exactly the same even after 6-8 months with some care. 

3. Decorate A Phone Case 

When you bought that phone case, it was new and pretty but with usage, it wears off and loses the look altogether. So, what's the solution? Bring out those expired or unused nail lacquers and show some creativity. We girls love everything bling, so why not our phone covers? Make a pretty bow, ribbon or heart and deck up the old phone case, giving it a perfect new look it deserves. 

4. Color Coded Keys 

Yes, you have keys for everything. From the closet, cupboard, drawers, car,doors to literally everything. So, how do you assemble yet isolate every one of them? Use the different nail colors to paint them the way you can remember it. For example, paint your car key with the same color of your car while make the closet one pink and the door one brown. In this way, you won't have to get disorganized or confused when you are in a hurry for something. 

5. Keep Your Clothing Buttons Intact 

I am an extremely messy and ruthless person when it comes to buttons and always end up losing one or two due to loose stitches or mishandling them. Now every time you don't get time to fix, so it is better to prevent such a situation altogether. Simple paint the button with clear nail polish and let it get dry completely. Once dried, no matter how you handle it, the stiches or thread in it won't be frayed or give you trouble. Also, nail polishes are waterproof and hence won't get washed away when you wash the cloth. 

6. Repair Your Old Hairband 

There was a time I was obsessed with hair bands and I loved them to the core. So my stash was full of these plastic and wire ones. But as trend evolves from one thing to other, colored hair bands came in trend. So it was time for me to bring out my old little ones but some of them looked worn out. So, I brought out my old stash of nail lacquers and painted them to give it a new look. You can also add bling, ribbons, bows and other fabric to perk it up a little more. 

7. Tighten A Screw 

Every time you fix a screw and it gets loosened up, right? Well, here's the pretty solution. Paint the screw with a nail polish and now fix it. it will get easily adhered to and will never bother you again. You can also paint the top with some glitter or color to add some prettiness to the old boring iron. 

8. Nail Art 

I am sure all of you are aware of it. Nail art is always fun to experiment and I have had my fair share of it. Use it to create ombre with the sponge, polka dots with a toothpick or nautical stirpes with scotch tapes. Want any further inspiration and tutorial? Check out the DIY section and follow Divya's tutorial for some amazing nail art designs with easy steps. 

So, how would you use the unused or expired nail polish? Let us know! 

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