10 Amazing Benefits Of Peel Off Masks

All of us are very much familiar with the CTM routine which every beauty expert swears by. The most popular type of skin care or skin cleans...

All of us are very much familiar with the CTM routine which every beauty expert swears by. The most popular type of skin care or skin cleansing available in the market are the peel off masks. Peel off mask is to be applied post cleansing and steaming when the pores are open for thoroughly cleansing and revitalizing the skin. So how are they beneficial or necessary? This is what we are going to talk about in this article. Peel off masks are as important as the CTM procedure, but it is time-consuming. They provide you with better results than any face pack or high-end skin care product. From drugstore to high-end brands, the market is flooded with various peel-off masks for every skin tone. Here is the list of the amazing benefits of peel off masks which would give you nourished skin.

1. Deep Cleansing

CTM merely removes the dust and grime from outer layer but with pollution increasing day by day, we need a deep cleansing of the layers of the skin to prevent acne, pigmentation, and other skin problems. Peel off masks, as it starts drying on the skin, deep cleanses the skin and nourishes it from within. It renews the skin by removing every layer of impurity. Therefore, peel off mask is advised to be used at least once a week to rejuvenate the skin.

2. Gentle Exfoliation

Some skin types may not exfoliate well with various scrubs and end up with rashes, redness, and breakouts. This is mostly for acne prone and sensitive skin. There are various peel off masks available in the market with salicylic acid and other vitamin supplements which provide gentle exfoliation removing the dead skin cells. In this way, the skin need not go through harsh massaging with scrub particles yet maintains pH balance.

3. Soothing & Revitalizing The Skin

There are various fruit enriched peel off masks which provide a soothing effect to the skin after a tired day or sun burnt skin. This enhances the texture of the skin to a large extent by revitalizing and leaves the skin soft, supple and fresh looking within few minutes. It adds an instant glow for parties and bridal functions with skin enrichment benefits. It also supports cell renewal and improves circulation.

4. Removal Of Blackheads & Whiteheads

Blackheads and whiteheads are extremely disturbing and look very ugly when they start spreading. Removal is an extreme pain but peel off masks with regular usage, gently and effectively removes these from the skin effectively. It is completely painless and gives you a bright look afterward.

5. Unwanted Facial Hair

This is something all of us are disgusted with. Though facial hair can be removed by threading, it is painful and 90% of the time leads to severe breakouts due to unhygienic methods. On the other hand, peel off masks remove fine facial hair with regular usage and also protect the skin from breakouts. It removes the facial hair by removing the upper layer of the epidermis.

6. Tan Removal

All of us, at some stage, have been affected by tanning. Though permanent tanning takes some time for removal, temporary tanning can be easily removed by various vitamin c enriched fruit masks that brighten the skin removing the dullness and tanning within a week.

7. Detoxifying

We apply loads and loads of makeup each and every day, encounter pollution and our skin absorbs various toxins which make the skin dull and harbor various problems as well. Therefore, just like our body, our skin needs the detoxifying to remove the impurities and makes it glow naturally. Peel off mask does an excellent job in detoxifying the skin and brings back that natural glow of the skin.

8. Prevents Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Aging is inevitable, but experts say that all of us can age gracefully. Wrinkles and fine lines are the first signs of aging and bad health of the skin. This shows that we are not taking care of our skin as we should be. The texture starts sagging resulting in fine lines. This can be improved with peel off masks which makes the skin firm and diminishes the fine lines which just started appearing. This will enhance the skin and makes the aging natural and beautiful.

9. Pore Enhancement

Pores are to be dealt with extreme care as they are responsible for acne breakouts, blackheads, rashes, etc. Effective cleansing of pores is much needed if you have open pores. We general apply the peel off masks after steaming which opens the pores and hence the skin is cleansed thoroughly. Upon removal, we can see that the size of the pores shrink and the skin feels much smoother than before.

10. Treatment Of Acne

Last but not the least, is the acne solution. All of us have faced this problem at least once in our life and it is indeed terrifying. Acne breakouts are clumsy and uncontrollable sometimes. All you need is a salicylic peel off mask to treat the problem. This enhances the pores by controlling the sebum, pacifies the area and slowly removes the blemishes due to acne.

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. I always avoid peel of masks as some of them are really painful. But then can't deny the above benefits.

    1. I feel slightly lazy coz they're time consuming.. :-P


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