Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub Review

I have seen people buying this brand often for regular skin care products and so I thought of picking up something. With winter almost here,...

I have seen people buying this brand often for regular skin care products and so I thought of picking up something. With winter almost here, I thought a gentle scrub for my oily acne prone skin would be a careful investment. I try and avoid scrubs after my severe acne issues and limit them to only once a week. However, I love the smooth feeling after scrubbing which makes my pores look pretty manageable. This is quite a budget friendly brand like Himalaya Herbals and Everyuth. I loved the catchy orange packaging and decided to give this a try. Read on to know my thoughts on the product.

About Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub:

New skin fruits gentle moisturizing fruit scrub gently removes complexion- dulling impurities, leaving fresh healthy looking brighter skin. Helps skin retains its elasticity, clarity, and suppleness. Regular skin exfoliation over time can increase the skin's capability to absorb moisture, thereby reducing fine lines and diminishing acne.


65 INR for 60 ml

Shelf Life:

36 months

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Message gently with wet fingertips over moistened face, neck, and body. Rinse well. Use regularly for soft, smooth, nourished and blemish- free skin.

My Experience With Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub:

The scrub comes in a vibrant orange packaging which is extremely eye catching and looks pretty in my stash of skincare. It has a flip open cap which is catchy and sturdy while the tube is plushy. Overall, a proficient travel-friendly packaging which is quite catchy. The price is budget friendly as well.
The scrub is light beige in color with scrubbing particles. It has a good smell of butter and essential oils. The aroma won't hurt the nose but lingers for some time. Coming to the consistency, it quite thick but has a smooth and creamy texture when you touch it. The exfoliating particles in the scrub are quite harsh in my opinion. Although the scrub claims to be gentle and mild, in no way the particles testify that. However, the dry skin would love this texture. It effectively eliminates every layer of dead skin cells and makes the skin smooth and soft. I have fairly oily skin and use the scrub once a week. I prefer using a scrub with coarser particles to take off the dreary dullness of the whole week and this suits me well. The sensitive skin won't like the scrub particles at all.

The scrub, after washing, leaves the skin smooth, soft and also moisturized to a large extent. This might not go down well with oily skin during summer but definitely but a mild foaming face wash after using this scrub will solve the problem instantly. The scrub washes off every layer of dirt, grime, dead cells and dullness from the skin. You would notice an instant refreshing look on the skin due to the cleansing. I wouldn't exactly call it a glowing look, but the pores definitely look smoother than before.
For experimentation, I used the scrub for my body once or twice and I was surprised to see the results. It removed every layer of dead cells and dryness, leaving the skin smooth and healthy. For me, the scrub works better for the body than any extraordinary results on the face.
Overall, I find the scrub very basic and effective. I experienced no breakouts but if you are acne prone, do not use the scrub more than once a week. Else the coarse particles will take no time bringing back the tiny zits here and there.

Pros Of Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub:
  • Eye-catching yet effective packaging without any fuss.
  • Beige in color with brown coarser exfoliating particles.
  • Thick consistency with creamy smooth texture.
  • Best scrub for normal to dry skin.
  • Removes dirt, grime, dry layers and dullness from the skin.
  • Smoothens the pores to a large extent.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Excellent body scrub.
  • No breakouts.
  • Budget friendly.

Cons Of Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub:
  • The exfoliating particles are not mild at all.
  • The sensitive skin won't like it.
  • Nothing extraordinary as a scrub.

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Final Note:

The scrub is very simple but definitely does the job well. If you have dry skin, you would love the gritty particles and moisturization. For others, I would say it is a great body scrub.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Heard there are some good skin care products in this brand. Got to try it soon!

    1. They are really good as budget friendly brand..

  2. Looks like a great budget scrub..


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