How to Apply False Eyelashes

Women adore long voluminous fluttery lashes, but some of us are definitely not born with it. So what are makeup accessories for? The market ...

Women adore long voluminous fluttery lashes, but some of us are definitely not born with it. So what are makeup accessories for? The market is flooded with high end to local brand falsies and all you have to do is buy the ones which look closer to the dramatic look you want. But, there's a catch. False eyelashes are really difficult to apply especially if you're a beginner. I have struggled with them for 8-9 months and several times I have completely messed up the eye makeup look due to simple mistakes. It takes a lot of time, patience, and right tools to apply the false lashes. Once you master them, there is no looking back. You would love to flaunt the eyelashes in every party, bridal function or special date. If you are a beginner, go for cheaper brands and once you have learnt the trade go for high-end brands. Without any delay, let's see how you can apply the false eyelashes like a pro.

Things Needed:
  • A pair of false eyelashes.
  • Eyelash glue. Never ever use any other kind of glue as eyes are extremely sensitive.
  • A tweezer.
  • Cotton bud.
  • Scissor.

Step By Step Procedure:

1. Always apply the false eyelashes after you are done with the complete eye and face makeup. Apply a lightweight lengthening mascara to your natural lashes after curling them properly. Avoid voluminous mascara as they sometimes clump and makes the lashes stiff. Moreover, your falsies will give you the required volume for the dramatic effect.

2. Carefully strip the eyelashes from the base and place it on your eyelids to measure the exact lengths. If necessary snip out the eyelashes with the scissor from the inner corner.

3. Now apply the eyelash on the base of the eyelashes. To apply the glue, use the tweezer or cotton bud. Take generous amount on the cotton bud and then with a steady hand apply on the rim. This would ensure proper application and prevents spilling the glue on the lashes as they are extremely delicate. Apply a bit extra on both the corners as falsies often come off easily from the corners.

4. Let the glue get a little sticky on the falsies. You would notice a slight change in color or texture, depending upon the glue you are using. Generally wait for 20-30 seconds before applying on the eyes. This step is to ensure that the glue sticks to the natural eyelid without coming off or gliding down.

5. Now, hold the eyelashes with the help of a tweezer and place exactly on the center of the eyelid. With the help of the same tweezer, adjust the falsies on the corners. It might look a bit messy, but you can correct that in the next step.

6. Now take the cotton bud and dab the lashes using least amount of pressure. Dab it closer natural lash line. Keep dabbing the falsies until it is placed exactly where you want and let it get settled for a few minutes.

7. Lastly, you might notice the excess glue peeking out from places but do not be afraid as we can deal with that with a little black gel or liquid liner. I would suggest using a thin brush for this step. Apply the black color to apply a thin line covering the glue to merge the eye look completely.

8. Lastly, flutter the lashes for some time to get comfortable. Tada! Your dramatic falsies are ready to go.

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  1. The glue part is the biggest challenge for falsies. If we get that right, there is no looking back

  2. I've never used false lashes. Wonder what goof ups I would do when I try them out.


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