Votre 3 In 1 Creme Cleanser Review

Cleansing is the most important routine to follow for a glowing skin at all times. Even when you are hell tired at the end of the day, make ...

Cleansing is the most important routine to follow for a glowing skin at all times. Even when you are hell tired at the end of the day, make sure you properly follow the CTM routine to avoid pigmentation and early wrinkles on the skin. The product received in my last haul, Votre 3 In 1 Creme Cleanser, claims to be a jack of all trades which works as a cleanser, toner, and provides hydration. It is really interesting to get such a product as it will save you time and money. So do you think the product is going to keep up with the claims? Read on to know more about the product.

About Votre 3 In 1 Creme Cleanser:

Votre 3 in 1 Crème Cleanser is a cleansing formula that instantly strips away impurities, dirt, makeup & excess oil effectively. Provides gentle yet effective cleansing; leaves skin perfectly clean, toned & hydrated.


110 INR for 30 g

Shelf Life:

18 months

Ingredients List:

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Omega 3, Aloe Vera.

Directions For Use:

Apply generously on face & neck morning and evening. Massage gently in circular, anti-clockwise motion & wipe with a damp cotton or wool. Finish with a Votre Pore Balancing Toner.

My Experience With Votre 3 In 1 Creme Cleanser:

The product comes in a small white colored tube with a screw cap. The packaging is simple, sturdy and effective enough to travel with. The amount is more of a travel size than something that would last a month. The cleanser has a white color with a runny consistency. The smell is soothing, nice and not at all bothersome.

Due to the runny consistency of the cleanser, it doesn't make my skin very oily which I have noticed in certain cleansing milks. You need to massage the skin for an ample amount of time to increase the blood circulation and also to remove the makeup. The cleanser is effective for daily BB/CC creams along with the layer of moisturizers and sunscreens we apply diligently. For heavy makeup, I need to massage the cream for quite a long time than usual. Even then, it is not effective to remove every layer of makeup. It works great as a lip makeup remover and effectively wipes off every trace of lip color at the end of the day. However, it isn't ineffectual for the eye makeup. It does remove layers of eyeshadow and kajal to a certain extent but when I try to wipe off the kohl on my waterline, it stings like hell. For sensitive portions like eyes, I believe it is good to use a proper eye makeup remover.

The multi-purpose properties are somewhat misleading. My pores were neither diminished nor was my skin moisturized thoroughly after cleansing. I had to use my regular toner and moisturizer after using this cleanser. Moreover, the tube is extremely small and lasted only a few days compared to the price.

Pros Of Votre 3 In 1 Creme Cleanser:
  • Nice, effective, hygienic and travel-friendly packaging.
  • Runny consistency.
  • Easy removal with damp cotton.
  • Non-oil, non-greasy and hence good for normal to oily skin.
  • Effective removal of daily makeup.
  • Can be used as a nice lip color cleanser.
  • Nice soothing smell.

Cons Of Votre 3 In 1 Creme Cleanser:
  • Misleading information.
  • Can't remove heavy makeup.
  • Slightly expensive when compared to its performance and hence isn't worth the money.

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Final Note:

The cleanser is good but nothing to be praised for as an extraordinary product. I wouldn't recommend this as a lot of cleansers are available in the market for a lesser price tag and also work exactly like this one.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. I feel its of no use based on your review.

  2. Votre has some good products but this one comes out average:/


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