Neutral Eye Makeup For Day Time

Beauty experts have always preached the concept of 'Less is more' which is very much applicable to the neutral eye makeup. Nowadays,...

Beauty experts have always preached the concept of 'Less is more' which is very much applicable to the neutral eye makeup. Nowadays, it is as famous as smoky eye makeup. They are easy and subtle yet has a particular beauty of its own. Among all the eye makeup tutorials I have done, this one seems to be the easiest and quickest one. The main idea behind the neutral eye makeup is to create an impression with the look without being all dramatic. There is no particular color when it comes to neutral eye makeup because all you have to choose is a subtle shade that would look good on you. I have chosen Rose Gold shade which is pretty shimmery and subtle on my skin tone and helps me balance the daytime look. So let us see the tutorial in detail.

Products Used:
  • Kryolan Derma color Camouflage Creme in D 34
  • Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Concealer
  • Sivanna Highlighter in Pearl
  • Inglot Eyeshadow in Rose Gold
  • Sleek Au Naturel Eyeshadow palette
  • Faces Magneteyes Kajal
  • Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

Brushes Used:
  • Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush (For concealer, setting the powder and blending)
  • MAC 217 Blending Brush (For crease blending and application)
  • MAC 219 Pencil Brush (For outer corner and smudging)
  • Fashion Brow brush (For eyebrows and eyelashes)

Step By Step Procedure:

1. I have applied the Kryolan Derma color Camouflage Creme in D 34 to conceal the dark circles and layered it with Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Concealer. This helps to neutralize the pigmentation and get an even and smooth finish.

2. Fill the brows with a brown eyeshadow using the eyebrow brush. Then I have applied the highlighter to get a lift on the brow area and make the eye makeup prominent. Always groom your brows for day makeup as it is light and subtle and helps to bring out the features pretty well.

3. I have applied the Rose Gold eyeshadow all over the lid up to the crease area. Rose Gold is my favorite neutral color, but you can choose any subtle pink, beige or soft color which suits your skin the best. Blend the color towards the crease to get a soft even look.

4. With the help of a pencil brush, apply a brown color in the outer corner of the eyes. Now take a blending brush and smudge it with the crease area creating a diffused look on the corner. Layer the color very slowly to avoid the mess around the eyes.

5. Apply the regular kajal on both the water lids. Also slightly apply near the eyelash area and smudge it with a pencil brush to create a soft look. You can also use a brown eye pencil instead of black.

6. In the final step, curl the lashes properly and apply 2-3 coats of mascara. With all the volume effect on lashes, the neutral eye makeup will be more prominent.

7. And here is the final look.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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