Dermadew Acne Soap Review

Acne is the most disastrous thing that can happen to anyone. Whatever be your complexion, acne spoils your entire look. I have been sufferin...

Acne is the most disastrous thing that can happen to anyone. Whatever be your complexion, acne spoils your entire look. I have been suffering from mild acne since the time I hit my twenties. The sudden zits are very much annoying especially if you have an event to attend. My dad's friend runs a chain of chemist shops. Once I happened to visit his shop to get some medicines and asked him if I need to consult a dermatologist for my mild pimples. He suggested me to try out Dermadew Acne Soap for some time and see the results. So I immediately bought it without a second thought because I have tried almost everything I have heard is beneficial for acne prone skin. So today I will be sharing my experience about Dermadew Acne Soap with you all. Keep reading to know more about it.

About Dermadew Acne Soap:

Dermadew Acne Soap contains gentle cleanser combined with anti-acne actives of both natural and the synthetic origin and fortified with specific emollients, moisturizers, and skin nourishers. Dermadew Acne Soap gives smooth, soft, supple and fresh feeling to the skin. For better results use Dermadew Acne Soap as adjuvant along with anti-acne medications.


149 INR for 75 g

Shelf Life:

36 months

Ingredients List:

Sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua,perfume,triclosan,ethyl lactate, zinc PCA, salicylic acid,manuka concentrate, willow extract, tea tree oil, olive extract, aloe barbadensis extract,glycerin,sodium chloride, titanium dioxide, disodium EDTA, disodium etidronate, butylated hydroxytoluene.

My Experience With Dermadew Acne Soap:

Dermadew Acne Soap comes in a light blue colored paper carton box. The soap is packed in an additional light blue colored packet inside the box. Since it is a medicinal product, I wasn't expecting its packaging to be attractive and that's the thing with it. The soap is pure white in color and oval shaped just like the Dove bathing bar. It has a very mild and sweet fragrance which is quite surprising for a medicated product.

The soap is very smooth and has a creamy touch. It lathers up pretty well forming a mouse like creamy foam. There are no directions given for usage so I just lather it up, leave it on for a minute and then wash off with lukewarm water. It gives a mild tingling sensation when I leave it on for a minute, but it fades off after washing. This soap is very gentle on even the driest areas of the skin. It removes all the dirt and oil from the skin effectively without drying the skin. It gives a nice glow to the face and brightens it up. This soap dried out my existing bumps in just 3-4 days.

Ever since I started using it, I haven't noticed any new breakouts. It mattifies the skin and keeps it oil free for 2-3 hours. The skin looks tight without being stretchy. When I started using this soap, I had 3 pimples on my right cheek. The pimples dried out in 3-4 days completely and the marks have also faded up to almost 50%. So I guess it performs a dual task. This soap also has another version exclusively meant for marks and dark spots. I am going to get that next for myself. It's a miracle product for me because it has worked very fast on my skin. But make sure the foam doesn't get into your eyes as it stings a lot.

Pros Of Dermadew Acne Soap:
  • Mild and beautiful fragrance.
  • Forms rich foam.
  • Effectively cleanses away dirt and oil.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Skin feels tight.
  • Dries out existing pimples fast.
  • Prevents the occurrence of new pimples.
  • Mattifies the skin and keeps it oil free for 2-3 hours.
  • Helps in fading the marks left by pimples.

Cons Of Dermadew Acne Soap:
  • Little bit pricey for a soap.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

Dermadew Acne Soap is a very good solution to combat those nasty pimples occurring on your face. It works very fast in drying out the pimples and also helps in fading the marks left by it. I highly recommend Dermadew Acne Soap to everyone as it's a medicated product and doesn't have any kind of side effects.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. How long it will take to get rid off all the pimples and marks!! :(

  2. I have been using it for over a year and my acnes have cleared completely.

  3. Ok, I'll give it a try! Thanks :)

  4. It's not good for me... Himalaya face wash is better then this...

  5. I had pimples on my face because of dandruff and yes of course the marks left by them.
    But after using DermaDew i could see the difference.
    No new pimple pop up and also it fades away the existing ones :)

    1. does this really help in fading away the marks too? i have a sensitive and oily skin and pimple marks takes forever to disappear.


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