7 Tips To Grow Your Nails Faster

Nails impart a beauty to the hands and, therefore, every girl loves shaping and painting their nails. The only nightmare we go through is th...

Nails impart a beauty to the hands and, therefore, every girl loves shaping and painting their nails. The only nightmare we go through is that when you devote a handsome amount of time in growing them and suddenly one or two breaks or chips from the corner. This compels us to keep them short. Before we dive into the details of how you can grow your nails faster, there are some facts you should know about nails. Firstly, nails are made of a protein called Keratin. On an average, fingernails grow about one-tenth of an inch each month. But sometimes they grow even slower. Nails grow naturally and there isn't any magical process by which you can accelerate their growth, but surely you can prevent them from breaking or growing slowly. So here are some tips to follow for the healthy growth of nails.

1. Olive Oil & Coconut Oil

Nails behave like our hair as they are composed of the same protein i.e. Keratin. To keep them healthy and naturally growing, it is well advised by dermatologists to keep them thoroughly moisturized. Our hands are always engaged in some work or the other, therefore it loses moisture much quickly. It is very important to massage the nails with olive oil or coconut oil before hitting bed every time. It is also said that every time you remove the nail lacquer, massage the nails for 10-15 minutes and let it absorb for an hour or so. This will keep the nails healthy.

2. Biotin

Biotin is one of the vitamin supplements which are necessary for the growth of nails. It is also known as Vitamin-H. It improves and enriches the keratin structure in the nails resulting in a healthy growth. When a person suffers from the deficiency of biotin, the common symptoms are hair fall, hair breakage, nail breakage and peeling off. Biotin enriched foods like eggs, whole grains, carrots, tomatoes, salmon, almonds, cauliflower, cucumber, milk, soybeans, strawberries, lentils, oats and walnuts, etc. should be incorporated in the diet. It can also be taken as supplements after the consultation with the doctor.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda works extremely well in strengthening the nails and avoids the chipping for a long time. Make a paste of baking soda and apply on the nails till it dries out. Do this alternatively for a week to notice the change in your nails.

4. Take Good Care While Removing Nail Polish

Nail removers can be both good and bad for your nails. Firstly, avoid using non-branded nail removers which dry out the nails excessively and crack the nails. Most of the times the ingredients are missing and you don't know the kind of harmful chemicals they use. Secondly, be extremely gentle while removing the polish. Nails are dead cells and curing them from within is slightly tough than we think. Pay attention to the corner if you have left out some color and clean the nails thoroughly before applying another color. Avoid residual color and always apply a layer of nail cream after removing the nail color.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemons are rich in citric acid and vitamin C. They work wonderfully in strengthening the nails and washing off the yellow residual color left behind after you wear a dark colored lacquer. Lemon peels can be rubbed on the nails or you can apply a layer of lemon juice which is freshly squeezed.

6. Avoid Biting & Scratching Nails

It's a funny fact that nails are like the little dangerous weapon for us but avoid scratching surfaces or opening a can with your nails. It weakens the nail easily and the nails break off at the slightest instance. Biting nails is a very bad habit as it not prevents the nails from growing and is also injurious to the health. Often, too much nail biting will destroy the natural growth of your nails and hence it should be avoided.

7. Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements not only give you stronger teeth but also stronger nails. 90% of the time, as found out in the research, women face the problem of nail chipping, slow growth and cracked nails due to the calcium deficiency. Incorporate a glass of milk every day in your diet to improve the calcium in your body or you can opt for any calcium supplements available across the counter after consulting your doctor.

Follow these tips wholeheartedly and you don't have to worry about your nails anymore.

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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