7 Tips For Travelling In A Group

Travelling is a great way to explore the wonders of the world and also look into your inner self and discover a new you. The whole experienc...

Travelling is a great way to explore the wonders of the world and also look into your inner self and discover a new you. The whole experience of travelling becomes a great adventure when travelling in a group. Your fellow travellers in the group may not always be people you know. Sometimes, people from different genres and walks of life can become your travel companions seeing the beautiful world with you. However, travelling in a group can also lead to a clash of opinions and differences may become pronounced. And such negativity is not good for the heart of a traveller. Sometimes planning with a dozen other people can become a very complicated task and you may miss out on a lot of fun because of the clatter within the group. So what do you do to get the best out of your group travel? Read on to find some travel hacks for travelling in a group that will help equip yourself for the group trip you have in mind.

1. Keep Your Mind Open To Ideas

Each one of us is unique and, therefore, our views on things are quite different, sometimes even in complete contrast with the person we are communicating with. But it is a good thing. While you are devising a plan for your trip, or even during the trip, don't restrict your mind. Discuss your plan and get into an open house. Be broad-minded to accept and weigh other's plans against yours. This will help in easy communication and better planning.

2. Choose The Group Based On Your Budget

There are different kinds of travellers and travelling groups. Some people like to backpack even across the most exotic destinations while there are others who love a splurging vacation. Again there are some who like to mix and match, keeping a little extra for an expensive last day affair. Therefore, when you decide to go travelling in a group, make your budget estimate clear and understand what the others are looking for. If you love backpacking it is not such a great idea to go on a trip with the extravagant traveller group.

3. Intensive Research About The Locale Before The Trip

You need to do your homework thoroughly especially when travelling in a group. Keep a watch for group activities in your desired destination so that everyone can participate and bond over the entertainment and enjoyment. When there is a difference of opinion about the must-see sights, you should be on top of things suggesting ideas based on the information you have gathered.

4. Clear Communication

This is one of the prime tips to make your group travel an enriching experience. Do not expect others to assume what you are thinking. Have a meeting with your fellow travellers before embarking on your journey and make it a discussion forum for everyone to speak their mind. Be ready for debates, but always make sure that ideas and opinions are communicated clearly.

5. Helpfulness Goes A Long Way

A good helpful person is an instant hit in a group. So always try to be helpful and understanding towards others. If someone needs help with something where you can be of assistance, don't hesitate to lend a hand. This will ensure you blend well in the group and people will look up to you as a good human being and also make sure that you have an awesome experience in an unknown destination with people who genuinely like you.

6. Don't Plan To Be Together All The Time

Often group travel translates to going everywhere together. But this may not be the case always. If you have some must-visit or must-do things on your list that are not in line with the others, it is perfectly fine to get away for a while and do your stuff. It's even better to split into smaller sections (in case it is a huge group) and do things with like-minded people. But make sure to regroup once you are done with exploring your areas of interest.

7. Keep Extra Food Handy

This is the simplest and the most effective hacks for successful group travel. Nothing binds people together as well as food and snacks do. A hungry group can become a crazy frustrated group and give into unnecessary arguments and bitterness. This is where your extra food can come to the rescue. When hiking on a hot day, a little nibble or an energy bar shared among fellow travellers can go a long way in making your group travel a great success!

Now that you have the travel tips handy, go along, get the people together and plan a great group trip!
Happy Travelling!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. I always have trouble travelling in a big group. Different people, different ideas. I prefer smaller groups any day. This article definitely helps!

  2. I will need these tips very soon. Thanks!


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