10 Ways Moms Can Balance Work & Family

Motherhood is often regarded as one of the best things in life, and indeed it is. The feeling of nurturing your baby, see them grow each day...

Motherhood is often regarded as one of the best things in life, and indeed it is. The feeling of nurturing your baby, see them grow each day and the bond of unconditional love - all of these experiences that are irreplaceable and wonderful. But when you are a working woman, the responsibilities of being a mother can often derail you from your professional track. One moment you are a confident executive entering the meeting, and the next minute you have to leave everything and rush home because your child's school called you for an emergency.
Yes, balancing work and family can be a tedious task, but read on to find some real life guidance to help you maintain a healthy balance between the two most important aspects of your life.

1. Appreciate Yourself

First of all you need to congratulate yourself on making it this far. Not everyone can continue on their career path and yet embrace motherhood as gracefully as you have done. When you think that you cannot handle the two things, it is time to give yourself some credit for what you have achieved so far. Once you begin to look at the positive side of things, you will get a new release of energy to take on your responsibilities as a mother and a successful working woman.

2. Don't Feel Guilty

Working women are often made to feel guilty about not dedicating enough time to their families. Don't give in to the guilt that society imposes on you. There are millions of women in this world who have been on top of their careers and are wonderful mothers at the same time. So there is absolutely no reason for you to feel guilty about working.

3. Prioritize Your Schedule

This bit is slightly tricky as you have to rank your priorities in order. Sometimes, it may break your heart to give your client meet a higher rank than your child's first dance performance. But you cannot always be emotionally driven in such cases. Logic and emotion need to go hand in hand, otherwise the balance cannot be struck.

4. Get Reliable Help For Your Family

For the time that you cannot be there for your family, you need to hire help so that the family's needs are taken care of. It is true that no one can care for your family the way you can, but getting a reliable help makes your life easier. If your child is very young to spend his or her day in school or day care, hire a trustworthy and efficient nanny so that the little one can be taken care of in your absence.

5. Let Go Of Small Accomplishments

You may have been a go-getter at work and your career was on a high when you decided to start a family. Now that you are loaded with familial responsibilities, you cannot afford to remain the same zealous professional. If you have to let go of a promotion, let it not devastate your life. When you have to balance between work and family and make things work to the best solution, giving up on a few professional accomplishments will not seem like a massive setback.

6. Share Your Problems With A Peer Group

During your course of life as a mother and a working professional, it is given that it will not be a cake walk always. There will be road bumps that will hinder your progress. When you are in dilemma or stress, talk it out with a peer group. Speak to women who are going through similar troubles. Eventually, it will be you who will come up with the solution, but talking your heart will help you feel better and help your mind figure out an effective solution.

7. Quality Time Is More Important Than Being There All The Time

Yes, it is true! You may not be there for your child from morning to night, but make sure every second counts when you are with your little one. Play with your kids or tell them stories when you are with them, instead of switching on the TV and letting them watch cartoons. Keep your phone aside and have real conversations with your family. Don't burden them with your work life worries. Before stepping into the house, leave your office problems at the doorstep. You can pick them up from where you left them, the next day.

8. Share The Responsibilities With Your Spouse

An understanding spouse makes life much easy. Talk to your partner and share your workload at home. You do not have to abide by societal play book. As a couple and responsible parents, make your own rules. When you cook dinner, let your partner read to your kids or supervise their homework. When you are too tired after a long day at work, hand over the ladle and the wok to your spouse while you spend time with your children.

9. Seek Help From Parents If Need Be

Grandparents love their grandchildren, probably more than they love you! So if it is a dire need, don't shy away from calling the grandparents. It will be a good change for the kids, and a great time to bond for the two generations while you can carry on with your work seamlessly.

10. Take Vacations Together

Work may keep you busy throughout the year. So take time off from work, maybe during your child's summer or winter vacation and go on a holiday! Children are more understanding than we give them credit for. So when you cut off time from work to be with them and ensure that they have good fun, they will also understand why you cannot be with them all the time. It is a win-win for all and a great time to bond with your family!

These simple things can do wonders in your day-to-day life as a mother and as a working professional too!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. I am sure these are personal experiences Kriti. You are a wonderful mom yourself :)

  2. Yes Lavanya, I don the hat of a mother and a working woman and I know how difficult the balancing act can get!

  3. Useful tips for moms to be working women..

  4. It surely a challenge to balance both but nothing impossible. Lovely tips Kriti

    1. In fact, I have seen a lot of women balance both perfectly well...It becomes possible once you do it instead of worrying about the solution!


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