10 Tips To Make Your Hands Look Younger

We are busy taking care of our skin on a regular basis but what we always miss out is the care of our hands. The skin of our hands is much t...

We are busy taking care of our skin on a regular basis but what we always miss out is the care of our hands. The skin of our hands is much thinner than face and, therefore, it is equally prone to damage and weariness if we do not look after it properly. The sun plays an important role for the aging of the skin and contributes a lot in damaging the skin of the hands. It is equally likely to form wrinkles and fine lines like on your face. Imagine you bought an expensive shade of nail color but when you apply in on the hands, it isn't looking great because the skin is rough and full of discolorations. You wouldn't like it at all! The best part of taking care of your hands is that it is not at all time consuming. In fact, it is more of a habit than a routine. Therefore, I am here to provide you with certain steps to keep your hands young, glowing and youthful.

1. Choice Of Hand Wash

Our hands are always working into something or the other and hence we require to wash them as frequently as we can. Choose a hand wash with a low or balanced pH level or with a mild formula that won't trip off the moisture from your hands. Avoid harsh toilet soaps or any other thing to wash your hands. This plays an important role to keep your hands looking healthy and youthful.

2. Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Yes, the hands require sunscreen as well. During the daytime, choose a moisturizer with sunscreen to apply on your hands. UV rays play a crucial role in causing the aging of skin and pigmentation. To avoid rough pigmented patches on the hands, apply sun protection religiously like you would apply to your face. During the night time, apply any moisturizer with shea butter or cocoa butter that helps dealing with the wrinkles and keeps the hands fresh and glowing.

3. Try Gloves

Try wearing gloves during household chores like washing, cleaning, gardening, watering etc. as it protects the skin of the hands keeping them glowing. During household chores, the skin of the hands is exposed to various chemicals and roughness which makes them weary and ugly causing the skin to wrinkle faster than it should. With gloves, the skin gets protected and makes a lot of difference in keeping the hands young and beautiful.

4. Regular Massage

Regular massage with olive oil, coconut oil or any other oil and home remedies contribute largely to the benefit of the skin. Hand massage doesn't take time at all and you can simply apply the oil and keep massaging them while you enjoy your favorite movie or TV show. Regular massaging is a great way to pamper your beautiful hands after the tiredness of the whole day. Keep massaging the hands with olive oil or coconut oil for 2 weeks and follow it with a tepid water wash and notice the commendable difference in the hands.

5. Tepid Water Wash

During a manicure, try using tepid water instead of hot water which strips off the moisture from the skin easily and causes the skin to shrink. Dip the hands in tepid water for 10-15 minutes every alternative day to clean them thoroughly. You can also add a drop or two of a mild shampoo in the water to clean off the dirt and grime from the whole day ordeal.

6. Choice Of Nail Color

The choice of nail color is very much important and contributes in making your hands look younger. Avoid wearing a nail lacquer which makes your skin look dark or doesn't compliment the skin tone. Always keep the undertone of your skin in mind while choosing the nail color. Avoid frosty nail colors when the skin doesn't look great. If you're confused about the mail color, go for the obvious French manicure.

7. Shaping The Nails

It does not matter if your nails are short, medium or long – always shape them properly. Make sure you clean the nails properly and sanitize them regularly. The hands do not look good at all when your nails are uneven in shape, broken or dirty. It contributes a lot to your first impression.

8. Use Sanitizer

The market is flooded with various sanitizers for the hands which are a great option for an alternative hand wash. Washing hands every time with water can make it rough and coarse. Therefore using the sanitizer saves you from the trouble easily. While choosing a sanitizer always choose a drugstore brand with a balanced pH level and the one that has vitamin C in the ingredients. This contributes in keeping the skin soft and supple.

9. Skin Repair Cream

When the skin of your hands are extremely dry and rough with various discolorations and pigmentation, choose a skin repair cream with shea or cocoa butter and along with other vitamins which contribute in repairing the skin when they are used regularly as a moisturizer. Skin repair creams not only repairs but also rejuvenates the skin cells and helps in exfoliating the dead skin cells as well.

10. Drinking Water

Last but not the least factor that will not only keep the skin healthy but youthful too - Drink enough water and try sipping lukewarm water early in the morning which helps in removing the toxic chemicals from the body and makes your skin glowing naturally.

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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