10 Eyeliner Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

All of us have heard the saying "Never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she is late." Yes, getting a perfect eyeliner look on ...

All of us have heard the saying "Never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she is late." Yes, getting a perfect eyeliner look on both the eyes isn't a cakewalk as it looks like. With so many innovations introduced in the world of makeup, we have various kinds of eyeliners in the market namely – liquid, gel and pencil eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners are available in the form of a bottle as well as felt pen. Gel liners are available in the form of pencil and tub packaging while pencil eyeliner are either sharpenable or retractable. Then again, truth to be told, we still struggle with the eyeliner application. It takes us quite some time to master the art of perfect lining but who has so much time to spare? So here are several eyeliner hacks which will make your life much easy and you can prepare your eyes in no time. Without beating around the bush, let's get into the details of the eyeliner hacks to incorporate in your makeup routine.

1. Perfect Balance

Shaky hands are something your eyeliner won't accept while lining the eyes. Sometimes, by trying to get too cautious we end up having shaky nervous hands and lose our balance as well as patience. Here's the trick you have to apply at such times. First, rest your elbow on a place. Next, rest you pinky finger on the cheek bone (where you apply the highlighter or the upper part of the cheek bone where you apply blush). Now try and draw the liner to get rid of that edgy unstable hands while application.

2. Pencil Eyeliners As A Guide

Fade outlining helps us to get that perfect professional look easily. Take a pencil eyeliner and outline or mark with a very light hand where you want to draw the liner or desire to create a wing. Even if you went wrong somewhere you can easily clean up the mess with the cotton swab dipped in makeup remover without affecting the rest of the eye makeup. Once you're satisfied with the line, simply fill it up with the preferred color.

3. Eyeliner Style For Your Eye Shape

Gone are the days when we simply used to outline the upper lashes or give a slight wing for a traditional look. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with various eyeliner styles like wings, cat-eye, double wings, Arabic, classic bar, Double MOD, Feline, Luxe and the list goes on and on. If you have big naturally opened eyes, go for the eyeliner covering the entire outline while people with small eyes should opt for something bold covering the 2/3rd outer V region. Likewise, identify your eye shape and choose the best for yourself.

4. Smoke It Out

Patience is the key, but sometimes there is a shortcut as well. After doing the complete makeup, if your eyeliner smudges or looks unequal, it is really heartbreaking. So do you have to erase it out and do it all over again? No! Simply take an eyeshadow of the identical color as the eyeliner and smoke it out with a pencil brush or cotton swab. In this way, you save the day for yourself and come out with a beautiful smoky eyeliner look.

5. Substitute Eyeliner

It is distressing to find out that your eyeliner is either expired, finished or destroyed especially when you're in a hurry or on a tight budget. So what is the solution you have? Make your own custom made eyeliner in no time. Dampen your eyeliner brush and brush it on the chosen eyeshadow color of your choice to create a custom made eyeliner for you. In this way, you can have a variety of choice for colors as well as can substitute for your regular eyeliner. You can also dip your eyeliner brush in the mascara and use it as an eyeliner which works exactly the same way without any glitch.

6. Connect The Dots

This is the perfect hack for the beginners. When you are a newbie to makeup application, take the eyeliner pencil or brush and put the dot along the upper lash line where you want to draw the liner. In case you are not satisfied, you can easily erase the dot with the makeup remover or Vaseline. Once done, simply join the dots and fill in with the color. Connecting the dots helps you to determine the equal shape of eyeliner on both the eyes.

7. Heat It Up

Sometimes we end up buying low pigmented pencil eyeliners where the formula is drying and it causes unnecessary tugging or pulling of eyelids. You can save the hassle by a simple heating technique to bring out the best of pencil eyeliners. Sharpen and put the tip in the flame for about half to one second. Do not exceed the time. Let it cool down a bit. Now apply the eyeliner on the eyelids and see the difference for yourself. It will be insanely soft, creamy and pigmented.

8. Start From Outside

We often do a common mistake of lining the eyes from the inner portion (near the tear duct area) which causes us to create an uneven outline. Decide for yourself the design you want to draw and then start from the outer corner of the eyes. Once the outer corner is settled for both the eyes, proceed with the rest which is towards the inner corner. In this way, you are unlikely to create an uneven line on both the eyes.

9. Business Card Or Scorch Tape

This is the most raved eyeliner trick swear by everyone including the makeup professionals. The skin of the eye area is thin that we often end up having streaky lines while drawing the perfect wing or cat eyes. Therefore, we use a business card or tape to help us draw the seamless line with utmost perfection. Put the card or tape along the lower line and towards the end where your eyebrow ends. You will get a clean and flawless wing for your eyes.

10. Make It Long Lasting

Applying eyeliner with utmost perfection isn't everything unless you make sure that the eyeliner is going to stay put the whole day. Definitely drawing the line isn't an easy task and it is not possible to do touch-ups easily on the move. Hence, always use a base or primer before application of the eyeliner to make sure it doesn't fade or crease with time. Finish the line by application of a similar colored eyeshadow powder or pigment to make it long lasting.

Hope these tips are helpful for creating the perfect lining of eyes in no time without any glitch. Try them out!

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  1. I use business card for applying mascara as well:)

  2. You have highlighted great tips! I use the back of a tube to get the desired angle or just clean up after application if I am too lazy :P xx


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