MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Eyeliner Review

There are certain makeup products which I usually don't experiment much with. Specially when it ...

There are certain makeup products which I usually don't experiment much with. Specially when it comes to my face wash and black eyeliner, I am hesitant to try new brands. I am so comfortable with the black eyeliner I currently use that I never tried making an effort to change it. But thanks to Diva Likes, I was sent MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Eyeliner to try out. This is not just the first time I was drifting away from my comfort zone eyeliner but it is the first time I am trying an MTV MUAH product. I was super excited to check out this eyeliner. Why don't you read ahead to see how it fared?

About MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Eyeliner:

Blue Heaven Presenting water proof, smudge proof, quick drying, matte finish MUAH Eyeliner. It comes with a Nylon brush for letting you draw a very fine line.


149 INR for 8 ml

Ingredients List:

Not mentioned.

My Experience With MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Eyeliner:

It comes in a bulb shaped bottle, which is made of plastic. The bottle is opaque with the name of the product written on it in silver. The cap is long and is attached to the applicator wand. The long cap makes it easy to hold the applicator, hence making it more convenient for application. The eyeliner is jet black in color, which is exactly what every girl would want. The consistency of the eyeliner is just perfect like a gel. But when applied over the eye, it can get a little too cakey, indicating that the consistency is not as perfect as you want it to be.

Unfortunately, one dip from the bulb is not sufficient for an entire eye which is due to the poor consistency. You need a minimum of two to three dips for a perfect look. Like mentioned before, the consistency is already cakey and two to three layers of re-application causes the eyeliner to cracked once it dries. You need to be extra careful when applying it to avoid all the above problems. These issues can be easily eliminated with extra care. Even with the consistency issues, once applied, the eyeliner stays for almost 7-8 hours and is completely waterproof.

Pros Of MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Eyeliner:
  • The packaging is easy to hold and apply.
  • Convenient applicator brush.
  • It has a very good staying power of 7-8 hours.
  • Beautiful jet black shade.

Cons Of MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Eyeliner:
  • Consistency is poor.
  • It gets a little cakey when over layered.
  • Ingredients list has not been mentioned.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I have given this eyeliner a rating of 3/5 because if applied with care, the product is actually close to perfect If not, it can turn out quite messy. Give it a try, may be you'll love it for its jet black shade and great staying power.

Contributed By: Supraja Prasad


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  1. Good staying power it has...gonna try it

  2. I will skip it...looks quite black though ...

  3. Yes, it does. Do give it a try Divya :)

  4. But Garima, it's not that bad. You can try it once :)


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