Vampy Ombre Lips Tutorial + How to Mattify Any Lipstick

Vampy lips have been quite a trend ever since ombre lips are in fashion. Almost every blogger creates their own version of Ombre lips. Well,...

Vampy lips have been quite a trend ever since ombre lips are in fashion. Almost every blogger creates their own version of Ombre lips. Well, all of them look very pretty but carrying out such a bold thing isn't a cakewalk, at least to me. All of them look like some theme makeup of Halloween and hence it appears too loud. Therefore, I never tried one out. Few months back, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan in her Cannes appearance had a beautiful wearable ombre that was a statement on its own. It was a subtle ombre yet very precise and appealing. So in today's tutorial I am going to show you how to achieve a wearable vampy ombre without looking stark. Along with that, I am also going to show a trick on how to mattify any lipstick within few seconds! This is a trick I swear by as I am obsessed with matte lipsticks and never liked shiny or glossy effects on my lips. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started.

Products Required:
  • Lip balm (Crazy Rumors Peppermint Lip Balm)
  • Black pencil liner (Coloressence Kajal)
  • Dark burgundy lip liner or lipstick (Coloressence Moods in Maroon)
  • Dark cherry red lipstick (Coloressence Hot Look)
  • Talcum powder or any loose translucent powder.
  • Lip brush or cotton buds.

Step By Step Procedure:

Moisturize your lips and properly scrub it to remove all the flakes. You can also apply a layer of concealer or foundation to even out the discolorations on the lips if any. Apply a thin layer of lip balm and allow the lips to absorb it for few minutes. Slightly blot it with a tissue or blotting paper to remove the excess lip balm.

With a very light hand, apply the black liner on the outer V of the lips. Make sure you do not cross the natural line of the lips and work in small strokes to control the layering.

With the help of a lip brush or cotton bud, soften the black color on the lips. As we want to make it appear wearable we would simply avoid too much boldness of the color black.

Take a deep burgundy color and line the lips with a thick bold line. Leave out the middle and inner portions of the lips as shown in the picture.

Take the cherry red lip color and fill in the left out portions of the previous step. Take a lip brush or with the help of fingers slowly blend both the colors to avoid harsh lines.

This is the optional step where you can mattify the color. Ombre lips look much appealing when it has a matte effect on it. Take some talcum powder or any translucent powder on your fingertips and pat over the lips.

Keep patting the lips lightly with the fingers or press both the lips together without dragging. You would notice that the lip color has gone miraculously matte without changing color.

Tadaa! You're done.

So how did you like the tutorial? Have you tried ombre lips? I am so excited to hear from you. So do share your ombre lips experience with us.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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