Wearable Summer Ombre Lips Tutorial

Hello, everyone! How are you enjoying your summer? Summer calls for vibrant lip colors like red, cor...

Hello, everyone! How are you enjoying your summer? Summer calls for vibrant lip colors like red, coral, bright pink and orange. The season is absolute fun when you can play with all the brightening colors to instantly enhance your appearance. Every girl wants to flaunt that perfect sunny and perky pout. Now, imagine a box full of bright reds, pinks, and orange lip colors and you are in a complete dilemma to choose a single color for the day. For all of you, we have a happy solution here. Choose any two colors and create an ombre effect to flaunt your gorgeous pucker pouts. Ombre is an absolute sensational concept and has taken the beauty world by storm. The beauty of the technique is it hardly takes any time to create and gives you the oomph factor and instantly lifts up your face. So, here's an easy-peasy ombre lips tutorial for the cheerful summer.

Products Required:
  • Deep true red lipstick or lip liner (Jordana True Red lip liner)
  • Bright orange lipstick or lip liner (Maybelline Colorsensational MAT3)
  • Coral or transparent lip gloss (NYX clear lip gloss)
  • Lip brush or Q-tip (Colorbar Lip Brush)

Step By Step Procedure:

Ombre lips involve layers and gradients so it is advisable to properly scrub off any dry flaky skin and moisturize your lips. Conceal the blemishes if your lips are pigmented.

Line the lips with a red lip pencil or lip color. Just make sure to cover the edges and do not worry about the precision.

Apply an orange lipstick from the center to the corners. Basically, fill up the area where the red color isn't there.

Mix the red and orange color with the help of a lip brush and start smoothening the area where the red and orange color meets. Blend the colors so that the contrast is merged.

Apply your favorite lip gloss carefully not to merge the colors and you are good to go.

Final look for the wearable ombre lips for summer is here!

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. You made ombre lips look even more beautiful Salomi. Great looking!

  2. It is all your brainchild :-*

  3. I love ombre lips but in matte:)

    1. Ombre in matte would look great too :D


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