Faces Nail Enamel Remover Review

Hello, everyone. How are you all doing? I have been extremely lazy over the last few days and absolutely hate going out. I have started with...

Hello, everyone. How are you all doing? I have been extremely lazy over the last few days and absolutely hate going out. I have started with this TV series Homeland and I'm loving it to the core. So, basically it keeps me occupied throughout. In my last Diva Likes haul, I was sent a number of nail varnishes and it has been quite a delight to try them out every now and then. Speaking of that, nail removers are indispensable for nail color lovers. Today I am going to review a nail remover from the Canadian brand Faces, which was also a part of my haul. So, let's see the review in detail.

About Faces Nail Enamel Remover:

Acetone-free nail enamel remover. An absolute essential for makeup table. Keep away from children.


99 INR for 30 ml

Shelf Life:

2 years

Ingredients List:

Ethyl Acetate, IPA, Vitamin E, and Cl - 60725

Directions For Use:

Take some nail polish remover in a cotton ball and gently remove the nail polish in a circular manner till completely removed.

My Experience With Faces Nail Enamel Remover:

The bottle is small and transparent and you can easily see the pinkish liquid inside it. It is sealed with a plastic screw cap and there is absolutely no problem of spillage. The only thing that concerns me is the glass bottle which I feel is not quite safe for traveling as I am quite careless in that department. The smell is a bit strong, but I wouldn't complain as all the removers smell horrendous. The remover has the consistency of water with a slight pinkish tint which can be seen through the transparent bottle itself. It is clearly mentioned that the product is acetone free and hence it is safe for use as it doesn't affect the nails in the long run. The presence of Vitamin E prevents the dryness after use. For the days when my nails are extremely weak, I prefer using castor oil after using the nail enamel remover.

The effectiveness of the remover, I would say, is average. Normal nail varnishes can be easily removed with few drops on the cotton balls. I generally do not prefer rubbing and keep the dampen cotton ball on the nails and after few minutes wipe off to remove the leftover stains. The remover, however, isn't that effective in the case of glitter nail polishes as it takes a lot of rubbing and wiping to remove it completely. The remover is absolutely ineffective in the case of beads or nail art hexes and hardly removes anything.
This product, when compared to other similar ones like Lakme, doesn't create much of an impression. This is because so far Lakme has the best quality remover for all kinds of polishes. Although, for normal nail varnishes, Faces is perfect.

Pros Of Faces Nail Enamel Remover:
  • Sturdy proper packaging.
  • Acetone free and has Vitamin E.
  • Easy for usage.
  • Removes the normal nail varnishes effectively.
  • Doesn't dry out the nails or leave any whitish residue.

Cons Of Faces Nail Enamel Remover:
  • Very mild formula.
  • Glass bottle is a bit risky to travel with.
  • Hardly effective for glitter or nail art varnishes.
  • Compared to other products, it is very average.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

If you are really looking forward to a proper nail enamel remover, I would say go for other similar brands. This one is only effective for normal lacquers and hence pretty average given the price we are paying for it.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Didnt expect it to be average. I thought it would work with your glitter range.

  2. looks like an okayish product only...


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