Vega Eyelash Curler Review

For a very long time, I neglected this eye tool, mostly because it looked scary to me and I feared I would end up hurting my eyes. But then ...

For a very long time, I neglected this eye tool, mostly because it looked scary to me and I feared I would end up hurting my eyes. But then one fine day, I tried this at one of my friend's place and it miraculously changed my opinion on eyelash curlers. Indian women are blessed with not only bright almond eyes but also natural long and thick eyelashes which enriches our overall appearance. When these very beautiful lashes are curled and coated with mascara, it brightens and widens the eyes emphasizing the whole look. A dash of tight lined kohl with curled lashes can transform the look of your eye in a brilliant way. My first eyelash curler which I am going to review today hails from the brand Vega. As a beginner with curlers, I decided to go for a budget-friendly brand before I mastered the art of using it. So here's my take on the product.

About Vega Eyelash Curler:

The Vega Premium Eyelash Curler is adored by professional make-up artists and even celebrities. This premium quality eyelash curler is easy to use and quickly gives your eyelashes a desired curl. It does a great job of curling your lashes and makes your eyes look wider and brighter. The plastic handle provides a secure grip during use.


150 INR

Directions For Use:

Open the curler and clamp the lashes near the roots. Hold on 5 to 10 seconds to ensure your lashes will hold the curl. Gently release the curler and repeat the process one or two more times, moving the curler up the lashes, closer to the end of the lashes each time. Apply your favorite mascara.

My Experience With Vega Eyelash Curler:

The curler comes in a hardened plastic rectangular box which is not an ideal one to stash the tool after use. Therefore, neither can you travel with the box nor store it. The packaging isn't impressive and comes off as a non-branded kind of product. Speaking of the structure, it comes with a metallic silver structure that has a sturdy black padded grip attached for better handling. The padded handle helps a lot in control of the tool whilst applying pressure for curling the lashes.

This eyelash curler has to be used a bit cautiously as I have already pinched my upper lash line twice or thrice mistakenly. For that reason, this one can't be used in a hurry and you have to be careful while curling the lashes. Coming to the chief feature, the curling effect of this eyelash curler isn't very impressive. It gives an understated effect of curling and the lift to the lashes is uneven. Firstly, the shape of the curler itself isn't appropriate to cover the natural shape of the eye and, therefore, at one time most of the lashes can't be curled together. Secondly, if you apply a lot of pressure or hold onto the lashes for long, instead of curling it gives a broken effect to the lashes. The staying power of the curl effect lasts for a long duration, around 5-6 hours with mascara. Sometimes, I use a trick of warming up the metal with a blow dryer and then curl my lashes. This effect works amazingly and the effect lasts throughout the whole day.

Overall, for a beginner I would say the curler fares average that comes with a cheap price tag.

Pros Of Vega Eyelash Curler:
  • Tough padding for control and to apply pressure.
  • Curls the lashes and gives them a subtle lift.
  • The curling effect stays for 5-6 hours.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Good one for beginners.

Cons Of Vega Eyelash Curler:
  • The curling effect could have been better.
  • Doesn't fit the eye shape properly.
  • Can't be used in a hurry as it might pinch the eyelids.
  • Not a professional tool.

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Final Note:

The product is an average one but is ideal for beginners who need to set their hand for applying pressure and control the tool effectively. However, if you want a worthy curler with amazing results, it is better to skip this one.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. I have used it too and feel the same!

  2. I love curlers for my sparce lashes but this one is just average..


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