Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream Review

It's getting hotter day by day and there are no signs of rain. Summer days are filled with laziness and boredom. You don't want to s...

It's getting hotter day by day and there are no signs of rain. Summer days are filled with laziness and boredom. You don't want to step out of the house because of heat and if you stay indoors you get bored and lethargic. Plus this summer is accompanied with frequent power cuts and what you can do is just grin and get irritated. One thing you cannot miss even if you stay indoors is applying a sunscreen. Finding the right sunscreen can be a tricky task. You would want something with high SPF, less sweaty and not oily. I always go wrong in finding the right sunscreen. Since I have oily skin, all of them tend to make my skin oilier. Having fair complexion, I tan very easily. If I stay outside for 2-3 hours, I come back with one shade dark skin. So Diva Likes included Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream in my haul keeping in mind the ongoing summer season. I am going to review the same today, take a look!

About Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream:

An innovative 3-in-1 formulation, this cream protects, nourishes and enhances your skin. Its anti-oxidant rich constituents grant skin protection from harmful UV rays of the sun; including against sun-burn. It furthermore, keeps the skin healthy by moisturizing and nourishing it. It also enhances the complexion by preventing and lightening tan.


80 INR for 90 gm

Shelf Life:

36 months

Ingredients List:

Extracts of kiwi, avocado & wheat germ oil.

Directions For Use:

Apply cream liberally & evenly on the face and exposed parts of the body before exposure to the sun.

My Experience With Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream:

Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream comes in a saffron orange colored paper carton box. Inside the box is a white colored tub with the product within. It has a screw open lid, safe and secure enough to be travel-friendly. The cream was covered with a silver foil sheath which I removed because I don't like it when all the cream gets stuck to it. I wish it had an additional plastic covering the cream. I have the same rant with Vaadi Herbals that the tub packaging is dirty. The cream is white in color with pink hints to it. It has a very strong fruity fragrance.

The texture is very creamy and smooth like a mousse. Just a few blobs are needed to spread the cream evenly. You need to give a good massage to make sure it's completely absorbed by your skin. Once absorbed, it makes the skin soft and hydrated. There is a healthy glow that is imparted by the cream. It has SPF 25 which is quite good. You need to reapply if you stay for prolonged hours in the sun. I find the cream to be a little oily for my already oily skin. Post 1 hour, my skin becomes sweaty and oily.

This cream does not make skin dark or doesn't feel heavy on the face. I use it on my feet and hands but not on the face. I am going to use it on my face in winters as it's going to moisturize my face in winters with added sun protection.

Pros Of Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream:
  • Easy on the pocket.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Soft and smooth texture of the cream makes it easy to spread.
  • Makes skin soft and moisturized.
  • Imparts a healthy glow.
  • Contains SPF 25.

Cons Of Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream:
  • Not suitable for oily skin in summers.
  • Tub packaging seems unhygienic and messy.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

Concluding my review, I would say that Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream is an affordable sunscreen compared to its performance. It contains SPF 25 which is going to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun. It moisturizes well without any kind of whitish cast on the face. I would keep it for winters as it is a bit oily for my already oily face. In winters, it's going to work like a cold cream along with sun protection.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. It won't work at all in this scorching 40degrees for sure.. you're right is proper for winters.

  2. Then it is surely a waste of use if it doesnt work with summer sultry climate.

  3. Yeah Salomi its good for winters..


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