How To Keep Your Makeup In Place All Day

If you wear makeup on a daily basis, then you will know just how irritating it is when after just a few hours, your makeup starts to rub off...

If you wear makeup on a daily basis, then you will know just how irritating it is when after just a few hours, your makeup starts to rub off. As women, we spend a big chunk of our mornings perfecting our look and ensuring that our makeup is perfect. After having so much time on our makeup, it can be very frustrating when we have to reapply many times throughout the day. You might think that keeping your makeup in place all day is just a distant dream. But, believe it or not, with some simple tricks, you can easily keep your makeup perfectly in place all day. Here is our guide to all the top tricks for keeping your makeup flawlessly in place!

Use Primer:

Primer is one of those makeup products that many women avoid, probably because adding yet another layer to your face sounds like a waste of money. But trust on this, primer is anything but a waste of money.
Primer is one of the best tools for ensuring that your makeup stays in place for as long as possible. It also helps to hold your makeup in place and evens out skin tone covering the blemishes. It really is worth the investment.

Layer Your Foundation:

A makeup tip that many professional makeup artists swear by is layering your foundation. Instead of applying all your foundation at once, the key to keeping your makeup in place for longer, is layering.
Use a makeup sponge or beauty blender and a lightweight foundation. This is crucial, otherwise you may end up looking cakey. Build up your foundation in layers. Start with a light coat of foundation and then begin to build slowly on it, until you have the ideal level of coverage. The trick here is to apply a coat of translucent powder between each layer of foundation to set it in place. One of the best translucent powders to try is Ben Nye Banana Powder, it's neither too thick nor too cakey.

Powder Is Your Best Friend:

We've already mentioned using translucent powder to set your foundation, but it also has so many other amazing uses. Are you sick of your eyeliner looking all smudged? The answer: translucent powder. Use a small makeup brush to apply a small amount of translucent powder under your eyes to lock your eyeliner in place and stop it from smudging.
To keep blusher, bronzer and even, lipstick in place, translucent powder is ideal. Simply brush a small amount of powder over the chosen area, and it should set your makeup perfectly in place.

Keep Your Eyeshadow In Place:

The best way to keep your eyeshadow looking good all day is by preparing your eyelids beforehand. The best way to do this is by using a specially formulated eyelid primer - yes, these do exist.
Applying a primer before you apply your eyeshadow will keep your eyeshadow from smudging or creasing throughout the day. Another tip for keeping your eyeshadow in place is to layer it like you would your foundation and use translucent powder in between.

Follow these handy tips and your makeup should stay in place all day.

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