Benefits Of Being A Stay At Home Mom

When a woman enters the phase of motherhood , it is not just bodily changes that she experiences. Her whole world shifts and she needs to ma...

When a woman enters the phase of motherhood, it is not just bodily changes that she experiences. Her whole world shifts and she needs to make difficult choices about bringing up the baby. For a working woman, one of the toughest choices to make is whether to continue working or quitting work to take care of her infant. But honestly there is nothing wrong in either of the decisions. It is a choice a mother should make depending upon various social, economic, emotional, and medical aspects. However, each of the choices come with their own pros and cons. Read on to see some of the major benefits of being a stay at home mom.

Witness Every Milestone In Your Baby's Life

Stay home mothers stand the benefit of deriving the joy of watching their babies smile, talk, walk and do so much more for the first time. Nothing can beat the happiness of watching those tiny knees get on the floor and push the bonny body into a crawl; or the first 'Mamma' sound from the round red lips of your little one. This is one benefit that may not come into the kitty of working mother.

Your Child Learns From You First

Stay at home mom can monitor the behavioral growth of their babies and act accordingly. They know that their child will be influenced by them and will not have any negative impact from anyone outside during the early phase of their lives. Again working mom do not have this peace of mind as they have to depend on external sources to take care of the baby while they are out.

Your Baby Does Not Feel Lonely

Babies are very sensitive and need to be cushioned by love at all times. This unconditional love can be given to a child only by a mother. When you stay at home to raise your baby, your baby is always surrounded by your love and care and does not feel lonely. A working mom is not able to spend as much time with her infant and, therefore, has to compensate for the lost time.

You Can Pursue An Indoor Hobby

Babies mostly sleep during the larger part of the day. This means that it leaves the stay-home mom to attend to hobbies that she had to let go because of work and marriage. Hobbies ranging from music, painting, writing, knitting, gardening, cooking, baking etc. can be taken up all over again.

You Can Sleep During The Day

Ask a working mom about this benefit and you will be amazed to know how much the mothers working outside crave for a daytime nap during the day. Mothers, working or not, work very hard to meet the needs of their little ones. So in between all the work, a little respite in the form of catnap can work wonders for the tired souls. Again this is one privilege denied to the working moms.

You Don't Have To Constantly Worry About Your Child

When you become a mother, your baby becomes the center of your universe. No matter where you are, there is a constant thought in your head about your baby. A stay home mom is free from this worry as she is her child's constant companion and is fully aware of her baby's activities.

You Revel In The Fact That You Are A Full-Time Mother

There is nothing more fulfilling in this world than knowing that a baby is completely nurtured and brought up by your relentless love and care to grow up into a good human being. Full-time stay at home mother can enjoy every aspect of motherhood and share their life with a piece of their heart!

Your Marital Life Remains Balanced

Since a stay-home mother gets to be with her baby all day long, she can devote some time when her husband comes home. The couple can spend some quality time together without the mother having to shadow her baby all the time. However, a working mom feels the urge to spend more time with her baby as she does not see the little one during the day. Therefore, she misses out on spending time with her better half which often leads to marital imbalance.

These are just some benefits of being a stay at home mom. But this does not mean that everything is smooth for them. On the other hand being a working mom has its own advantages. We will look at them in another parenting post at Diva Likes sometime soon.
Till then, happy motherhood!

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  1. People who stay at home are looked down by some but everyone has their own reasons to do what they do. Lovely article kriti!


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