Models Own Artstix Duo Nail Polish Bibble Review

There are some things in life which are just not enough, no matter how much you have. For me, it is love from my beloved, lipsticks and nail...

There are some things in life which are just not enough, no matter how much you have. For me, it is love from my beloved, lipsticks and nail polishes. No matter how many nail polishes I have, I feel like having more and more. When I received Models Own Artstix Duo Nail Polish in my Luxola haul, it was a wonderful surprise for me. Models Own is an England based brand which sells nail polishes at affordable prices in various shades and textures. This brand is not available in India and I was super excited to get it. Glitter nail paints look very pretty when applied over any nail polish or individually as well. This particular Artstix Duo Nail Polish is a two in one product. I will describe more about this cutie in my review ahead. So, keep reading!

About Models Own Artstix Duo Nail Polish Bibble:

We have coordinated our best selling polish colors and most popular nail effects and created 12 electrifying combinations that amplify your manicure with a combined color base coat and special effect top coat.


594 INR


Directions For Use:

Begin with the PAINT IT! Base coat and switch to COVER IT! to add a funky finish!

My Experience With Models Own Artstix Duo Nail Polish Bibble:

Packaging: This is the cutest polish I have ever used. It comes in a stick form with two small 5 ml glass bottles at two ends and a white center which works as a connector. The nail polish part has been named Bubblegum and the glitter part as Blizzard. Both of them collectively named as Blibble. The white center is basically a double ended brush for both the base polish and the glitter. The packaging is very handy as you don't have to carry two separate polishes while traveling, thus saving a lot of space. The bristles are of very fine quality and do not streak while applying. Overall, there are no complaints regarding packaging as it's very pretty.

Texture: The nail polish part is very creamy in texture which settles to a semi-matte finish once dried. The glitter part is a little gritty in texture since it has chunky glitters on clear polish. So applying the top coat over the glitter coat will work well and minimize grittiness.
Shade: The shade Bubblegum is a bright neon pink color in a creamy base. It's a perfect neon shade and on your face pink. It looks great on bright sunny days or spring mornings. It dries up quite fast in just 3-4 minutes and settles to a semi-matte finish. The other side, Blizzard is a clear polish with chunky pentagon silver glitters. The glitters are of medium size and reflect colors in light. I find the Bubblegum shade to be a little louder. If it was a nice fuchsia pink shade, it would have been better. But if I apply both of them together, it looks very pretty especially for parties.

Pigmentation: The nail polish is insanely pigmented. I have just applied a single coat in the swatch and you can see that it almost looks like 2-3 coats. The glitter part Blizzard does not have uniform glitters. So spreading it on the whole of your nail can be tricky. The good thing is that if you do not want to wear Bubblegum then Blizzard can be applied over any other polish of your choice. Similarly, Bubblegum can be worn alone without Blizzard.
Staying Power: It lasted on my nails for almost a week without any chipping. Though the glitters start losing their shine in 5-6 days, the nail polish stays intact. I apply a top coat over the glitters and that solves all the issues and makes the nail paint long lasting.

Removing glitter nail polish can be a headache. I do have a tip here to overcome that problem. Apply two thin coats of fevicol using a brush and let it dry completely till it becomes transparent. This works as a peel off base coat. Now you can proceed with the rest of your polish application.

Pros Of Models Own Artstix Duo Nail Polish Bibble:
  • Very cute and space saver packaging.
  • Insanely pigmented. One coat is enough for rich color effect.
  • The bristles are of good quality and do not streak.
  • Long lasting nail polish which does not chip.
  • Both the colors can be worn individually.
  • Creamy texture of the polish.
  • Settles to a semi-matte finish.

Cons Of Models Own Artstix Duo Nail Polish Bibble:
  • I wish the shade Bubblegum was a little subtle. I find it to be on your face kind of pink.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

It's a lovely concept with two polishes in a single stick. We generally don't find this type of stuff in India. So trying this was an absolute delight for me. Both the shades can be worn alone so it's a two-in-one product. I love the glitters and will try them over other polishes as well. The best part of this polish is the pigmentation as it covers evenly in a single coat without any streaks. There are many more combinations in this range and I will definitely recommend this to everyone. Try at least one shade from this range and you are going to love it.
Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. I don't find the pink too dark Divya....looks decent to me. Loved the concept of having both in one!

  2. such a lovely coral color! Awesome one!

  3. The glitters look pretty with other nail paints also Lavs:) I tried it with a nude polish and it looked super pretty..

  4. Its best of both worlds Salomi:)


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