8 Awesome Gift Ideas For A Newborn Baby

A newborn baby brings joy not just to the parents but also to the ones around them. Whether it is your newborn niece or your best friend'...

A newborn baby brings joy not just to the parents but also to the ones around them. Whether it is your newborn niece or your best friend's bundle of joy, a single innocent glance from those happy eyes fills our hearts with glee. So when it comes to welcoming this tiny roll of innocence, we need to present it with something truly special. Often we fall into the cliched trap of gifts that hold no special meaning for the newborn. However, if you are planning to give something unique and wonderful to the newborn, read on for some awesome gift ideas.

1. Hand Knit Mittens & Caps

There is no better way to show how much someone means to you when you spend time and make something for them with your own hands. A set of mittens and caps knit by your own hands will add extra warmth in the newborn baby's life. Make them with the softest wool and mix and match it with baby colors like pink, lemon yellow, sky blue etc.

2. Framed Collage Of Scans

Imagine people's wonder when they find a beautiful collage with images of their selves even before they were born. Collect photos of the scans of the newborn from the parents and surprise them with a chronological collage. Frame it with wood or metal or anything creative you want and gift it to the newborn that they can cherish for life.

3. Storyboard With Pictures Of Sleeping Baby

Take several pictures of the baby when he/she is sleeping. Then draw a storyboard on a large chart paper; a cloud, a bed of flowers, a big fruit, etc. Once that is done, place the baby's sleeping poses on the paintings to create a story. This gift will be so special that it will be treasured for life.

4. Same Set Of Nightwear For Mom, Dad & The Newborn

This is a hilarious and cute gifting idea. Catch hold of a tailor and custom make a set of nightwear each for the parents and the baby. It will make the best choice for a wonderful picture perfect family photo.

5. Bracelet Etched With Baby's Name

If you have a special name given to the newborn, why not etch it on something beautiful like a silver bracelet. This makes a very special gift and the baby will remember it forever, even when he or she grows up.

6. One Year's Diaper Subscription

This may sound like a crazy gift idea, but ask the baby's parents and they will be ever grateful to you. With newborn babies pooping and pissing all the time, diapers are an essential part of their lives for at least the first one year. Get this subscription from any well-known pharmacy chain and gift it to the newborn as this is the most useful gift you can think of.

7. A Baby Gym

New born babies do not have any hobbies to keep them engaged throughout the day. All they do is sleep, drink milk, pee, poop and sleep again. But within three months, babies become way more active though their movements are still restricted. Therefore, it is a great idea to gift the little one with a baby gym so that as they begin to grow active, it can keep them busy and happy in their own play zone.

8. Video Tape With Memories

It is one of the best things to look back on fond memories. So get a handy cam and shoot clips of near and dear ones of the baby. Let each person tell something about the newborn and its parents. Some funny family anecdote will add fun to the whole shoot. Once done, wrap this tape in gift paper and present it to the newborn.

Hope these gift ideas make things easy for you. What do you think is the best gift for a newborn baby? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. It is super fun read.....you have come up with wonderful ideas Kriti!

    1. Thanks lavanya...Creative is fun as far as gifting goes :)

  2. awesome post Kriti! I remembered a bracelet I was gifted on my christening with my name etched on it by my grandmother. :)

  3. Your posts are always a delight to read..

    1. Thanks a ton Divya :) I'm glad you like the gifting ideas!

  4. Nice ideas. I love diaper cakes too for newborns........fun, creative and useful.


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