How To Manage Your Toddler's Anger

As your little babies begin to grow, there are a lot of changes that take place in their developing minds and bodies. They begin to exhibit ...

As your little babies begin to grow, there are a lot of changes that take place in their developing minds and bodies. They begin to exhibit behaviors to express themselves more clearly. Getting angry, or throwing a temper tantrum is one such behavior. Sometimes, this fit of anger subsides on its own. Sometime it is restrained with one stern look from the parents. But often kids are difficult to control when they are angry. It becomes stressful for parents when toddlers scream, shout, cry, become adamant, and throw things in anger. But it is part of the parenthood package and we have to live with it. However, toddler's anger can be managed to ensure that these episodes of temper tantrums reduce by a great deal. Here are a few useful tips to manage your toddler's anger.

Do Not Display Negative Emotions

Children begin to mimic their parent's behavior from a very early age. So, if you display negative emotions like anger and irritation in front of your child, they will grow up with the belief that it is fine to get angry. Avoid shouting at your child when he makes a mistake or is not listening to you. Avoid having heated discussions of fights in front of your child. Growing up in a calm household will automatically teach your child to control temper.

Ask Them To Express Instead Of Crying

When your child screams or cries in anger, don't shout back at them. Instead, calm your kid by asking what they want. Tell them you cannot understand anything when they scream; so if he/she wants something, they have to ask properly and not scream and cry.

Give Valid Explanations

If your toddler makes an undesired demand, don't snub them down by a curt 'No'. Clearly explain to your kid the reason behind why their demand cannot be entertained. Tell clearly why it is not good for them, and then back it up with a viable alternative. Often parents give in to the demands of kids when they become uncontrollable. Refrain from doing this. Giving in to their every demand is a bad idea; then toddlers grow up to think that throwing a temper tantrum is the best way to get their demands fulfilled.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Remember never to shout or scold your toddler when they are angry. But also don't give in to them. Always be on the lookout to praise and applaud, when they demonstrate good behaviour and control the anger. Let them understand that you appreciate their good behaviour. This way they will be positively reinforced to keep their anger in check.

Release Built Up Energy

Children are often full of energy and need an outlet to release it. Physical activities are great to help them release it. Play rhymes, songs and dance with your little one. Run around playing 'catch', jump, hop and skip with them. Making kids to do things like this will tire them enough to not bother about throwing temper tantrums.

Soothe Your Toddler

Notice if your toddler is troubled about something. Make them feel secure and loved. Give them a warm sponge bath if they are too restless frequently. Listen to music that calms the mind. Make them sit or lie close to you while you tell them a story or play some music. Love and affection goes a long way in modifying unpleasant behaviour.

Pay Attention

Often children do destructive things only to grab your attention. As parents, constantly pay attention to your child. If they understand that you are giving them attention and are interested in their activities, they will not have to go to extreme lengths to get a look from you. Toddlers are always learning new things and want to show it to the person closest to them. Take an active interest in their new activities and you will be surprised to find a drop in their temper.

Keep Them Engaged

The little brains are always seeking new stimulations and they get bored easily. Invest in age appropriate developmental games and toys, so that you can keep the busy bodies engaged and divert their anger to something interesting to focus on.

So mommies, keep aside your phones, laptops and tablets. Spend quality time with your tiny tots because you are the only person they crave for!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. This is such a useful parenting article Kriti. I have seen many parents go mad coz they are not able to control their toddler or rather don't know how to! These tips look quite helpful.

    1. My daughter also throws temper tantrums now and then. But implementing these tips, specially the attention and soothing bit, helps a lot.

  2. Super tips for other moms from a super mom Kriti:)


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