Abstract Print Nail Art Tutorial

Hello everyone! Hope all of you are doing great. Today I am here with a new nail art tutorial. This month will be full of nail arts as Chris...

Hello everyone! Hope all of you are doing great. Today I am here with a new nail art tutorial. This month will be full of nail arts as Christmas is just round the corner and I am planning to do a nail art series based on this festival. For now, let's check out the Abstract Print Nail Art Tutorial. Abstract prints look beautiful everywhere. From dresses to house decor to paintings, there is always something unique and out of the box in abstract prints. So why not try some abstract print on your nails! The best thing about this nail art is that you need to be perfect with the design. Just let your imagination go beyond and see the pattern created. Take a look at the tutorial.

Things Needed:
  • A base color of your choice. It should be preferably light shade. I have chosen a peachy pink here.
  • A darker shade nail color. I have used grey here.
  • Red color.
  • A white and a black color for detailing.
  • A thin nail art brush.
  • Some pieces of tape.


Start by applying two coats of your base shade and let it dry.

Once the base has dried, take two pieces of tape and stick it twice or thrice on the back of your hand to remove the excess stickiness and place them in the pattern I have done.

In this step, the portions which are empty after applying the tape need to be filled up with grey polish.
Remove the tape carefully once the grey polish dries. Take some black polish in a thin nail art brush and draw outlines to the grey portions so as to divide your whole nail into four parts. You need not be perfect for the proportions as abstract prints don't look perfect.

Now take red color and make random dots on the pink base for the leopard prints.

Using the black color, make small 'c' shapes around the red dots. For the leopard print technique take a look at my leopard print nail art tutorial here.

Now using the white color, make some greater than and less than symbols which we have studied in maths(<,>). Put some random dots in the empty spaces.

Apply your top coat.
Your abstract print nails are absolutely ready.

This is just one print. You can play with colors and your imagination. Combine them to create any pattern you want. I hope you all liked this tutorial and will give it a try. Keep reading for some more nail art tutorials.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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