8 Easy Tips To Loose Weight

With the advent of the holiday season, most of us are ready to gorge on delicacies. But some of us are also worried about the ever increasin...

With the advent of the holiday season, most of us are ready to gorge on delicacies. But some of us are also worried about the ever increasing waistline and addition of another chin fold! But that should not deprive our taste buds and tummies from the feel of rich sumptuous dishes this season. So what can we do? There are tons of sites and magazines bringing out weight loss tips and foods that help us loose weight. But the problem is that in their very next version the foods change and the plans are twisted yet again. So we are fed up with those as well. So I have decided to keep our frowns aside and come up with some basic, unchanging weight loss tips to help us all.

1. Walk With Company You Love

There is no alternative to walking 20 minutes a day to keep your body fit. No matter what the odds, try to religiously walk for 20 minutes anytime during the whole 24 hours. And what will keep you motivated to do this? A dedicated walking partner or a peer group. A walk group comes with many advantages; you have people to push you when you feel lazy; the conversations are a stress buster; one person's positive result motivates the entire group, and so on and so forth.

2. A Big No To Starving Diets

When you starve yourself to loose weight, it does severe damage to your body. And this is not a long term method to loose weight. So once the starvation period is up, we tend to pile up on calories more than ever. So stop starving yourself if you really want to loose weight, and start eating healthy.

3. Say Yes To Vegetables & Whole Grains

Make cabbage, broccoli, gourd, beans, carrots, lettuce and similar vegetables your best friends and see those extra pounds shed away within months. Make whole grains a staple in your diet and see a new wave of energy flow through your system without adding love handles to your waistline.

4. Make Water Your Constant Companion

Water is a wonder drug for weight loss. Consciously drink eight to ten glasses of water daily, irrespective of the weather or your schedule. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water first thing when you wake up, squeezing in half a lemon along with a teaspoon of honey and a quarter teaspoon cinnamon powder to that glass of water is another brilliant way to stay fit and lose the extra pounds slowly and steadily.

5. Active Life Is key To Healthy Life

Now you don't really have to go on an exercise spree to lose weight quickly. Remember one thing, pounds that are lost quickly, come back at the same speed. And no wonder many of have our treadmills standing alone in one solitary corner of our house, and our gym membership after a year of existence finally expires. So what do we do? Engage in interesting and fun activities that will not bore us. Participate in marathons, go swimming, and plan a camp night every month with friends or family. Go fishing, or kite flying, or spend time planting and watering new plants. Whatever you do, avoid sitting in front of the television or computer or any electronic gadget for more than an hour.

6. Look Down Upon Munchies & Aerated Drinks

Fried and packaged snacks are your worst enemies. Detest them or at least try to. And aerated drinks are nothing but pressurized carbondioxide and tons of sugar. Why bother even looking at them? Instead enjoy the freshness of coconut water and unsweetened fruit juice. It is not just healthy but classy and exotic too.

7. Try Preparing New Dishes At Home

When passing by KFC, Dominos or even Mac Donald's, there's an instant pull we feel towards them. But imagine the crazy calories you will pile up when you spend fifteen minutes inside any of these food joints. Want a better alternative? Try doing these things at home. Home cooked food, no matter how oily or heavy, will never have as much adverse affect as eating at a fast food joint. And what's great is that you will have fun experimenting with new dishes and get better at culinary art.

8. Be Happy To Avoid Binging On Comfort Food

It is true that food gives us comfort. So the unhappier you are, the more the urge to hog on high calorie comfort food. Result? Weight gain. As mentioned above, if you lead an active life, life's trivial troubles will cease to depress you. The reverse is true for a sedentary life style. A dog dying in a movie can upset you enough to finish the whole box of choco-chip cookies or the ice cream tub. Meditation or simple yoga moves can work wonders for bringing in peace and happiness to your life and keep you away from the calorie laden comfort foods.

These are some of the easy tips which can help you loose weight. Do you follow any special tips for weight loss? Do share with us in the comments section below!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. Simple changes bring in a whole lot of change to our body. Its only when we realize it that we can start seeing wonders! Nicely written Kriti.

  2. Nicely compiled Kriti..will keep all this in mind maybe when i get fat this will help:)

    1. :D I hope you never get fat...But these are tips anyone can follow to stay healthy :)

  3. Great tips and i follow the first one.............

  4. Perfect article for this season :p

  5. Very informative post. The tips are very practical.
    Suggest a suggestion though. Do proofread the articles once. The tiny errors tend to take the charm off of such beautiful write-ups. :)


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