MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Mascara Review

Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurts! I really don't know who came up with this quote, but whoever said, totally rock...

Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurts! I really don't know who came up with this quote, but whoever said, totally rocked it. When I was naive in the cosmetics department, I thought mascara is nothing but an expensive bottle that doesn't help much in improving the appearance. I changed my thoughts only when I used it myself and saw how much it helps. From lengthening the lashes to adding volume, it gives your eyes a dramatic look. I have been using MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Mascara from the past 2 weeks and I thought it's the best time to review it. Let's go ahead with the review.

About MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Mascara:

MUAH Mascara comes with a quick drying cream base, making lashes look thicker and healthier. Retains curls for a longer duration.


149 INR for 9 ml

Shelf Life:

30 months

Ingredients List:

Not mentioned.

Directions For Use:

Pump out the wand once and using a back-and-forth motion while moving the wand up your lashes and sweep upward, this will help give your lashes a curled effect. Keep repeating this until you get your lashes as thick as you want, usually 2-3 coats.

My Experience With MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Mascara:

The mascara is encased in a sleek black curvy cylindrical bottle with a screw cap. The wand in attached with the cap. I found the bottle quite travel friendly with no issues in packaging. I noticed that there is no ingredients list mentioned for the mascara. The wand looks very average and is neither specialized in volume nor lengthening. The shade of the mascara is jet black and the consistency is slightly thick. Therefore, I don't require pumping in and out the wand. A noteworthy point I noticed is that the mascara doesn't weigh down the lashes or feels heavy on eyes. This holds true irrespective of how many coats I apply.

The mascara doesn't thicken my lashes but it does elongate them. I find it very difficult to apply the mascara with the wand on my lower lashes. It messes up a lot even if I take a lot of care and precautions while applying it. The mascara is neither waterproof nor smudge proof. This makes it very difficult for me wear it in on a rainy day. It even takes time to dry. I don't see a remarkable difference on my eyes with this mascara and I would say it is not a good choice. Lastly it doesn't sting my eyes and removing the mascara isn't a pain at all.

Pros Of MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Mascara:
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • The wand is proper for lengthening lashes.
  • It doesn't clump even though the mascara is thick.
  • It doesn't weigh down the lashes.
  • Reasonable pricing.

Cons Of MTV MUAH By Blue Heaven Mascara:
  • The applicator wand is average.
  • Not waterproof or smudge proof.
  • Difficultly in applying on the lower lash.
  • Doesn't give any remarkable look to the eyes.
  • Takes time to dry.
  • No ingredients list.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I have the habit of splashing my face too often during the day time. So all I need is a waterproof mascara. I agree on the point that this mascara is reasonably priced but the quality isn't up to the mark. For a person who has just started applying mascara or learning the process can try this as it doesn't clump here and there. Otherwise, if you want a long lasting mascara to achieve beautiful lashes, you better give this a skip.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Such a disaster...most of MTV MUAH are reasonably priced but not wow!

  2. Most of the prodcts frm this brand are dud..

  3. I'm gonna buy a mascara pretty soon! This one was a part of my options... will definitely skip it all thanks to u :)


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