Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack Review

Hello everybody! I was not much into Himalaya products until recently. Off late, I have started to like this brand. In my first Diva Likes h...

Hello everybody! I was not much into Himalaya products until recently. Off late, I have started to like this brand. In my first Diva Likes haul, I had received a peel off mask from Himalaya Herbals and it worked well for me. Since then I am open to trying Himalaya products. I was elated when I received yet another Himalaya Herbals product in my second haul. This time I received Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack. I love pampering my skin with a good face pack once in a week. It gives a relaxed spa feeling without actually visiting a spa. I have not started getting facials yet. So face packs are an integral part of my skin care routine. This mud pack happens to be a perfect pick for my skin.

About Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack:

A mineral rich pack that absorbs excess oil, clears clogged pores and removes blackheads and deeply embedded impurities. It firms the skin, helps restore its natural elasticity, improves skin texture and helps minimize wrinkle formation. Fuller's earth (multani mitti) deep cleanses the skin and has cooling properties. Walnut removes skin impurities, blackheads and dead cells. Mineral clay improves circulation, leaving your skin soft and glowing.


60 INR for 50 g

Shelf Life:

3 years

Ingredients List:

Fuller's earth, Mineral clay, Walnut.

Directions For Use:

Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck avoiding the eye area. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Remove with a wet sponge and wash the skin with cool water. Use once or twice a week. Do not apply on broken or inflamed skin.

My Experience With Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack:

The face pack comes in a usual tube packaging of Himalaya Herbals which is white in color, with a green flip flop cap. The cap is tight enough to be carried without any fear of spillage. The color of the face pack is similar to multani mitti, i.e., beige yellow. It has a medium consistency between thick and runny. It smells exactly like herbal products and also has hints of fuller's earth. The face pack spreads easily and only a little amount is required for the whole face. The first time I applied it, I had a very strong burning sensation on my face. It felt very uneasy but I decided to keep it to see the after effects. After a little while, the burning sensation disappeared and it felt cool. The face pack dries off pretty quickly. It is very easy to remove as well. The skin feels soft and smooth after washing. It strips off each and every trace of oil and dirt from the face. It also helped with the blackheads by reducing them to a certain extent.

The face looks brightened and pores appear tight. I did not find any stretchy feeling post application, like we experience most of the time after using multani mitti. Overall, I find it to be a good face pack for my combination to oily skin.

Pros Of Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack:
  • Clarifies the skin and cleans it.
  • Ideal for combination to oily skin.
  • Works well with blackheads.
  • Gives a brightened effect.
  • Strips oil and dirt from the skin and refines the pores.

Cons Of Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack:
  • Gives a burning sensation initially.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I find Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack to be a good face pack for combination and oily skin. It controls excess oil from the skin and refines the pores, thereby giving an instant brightened effect. It is safe to try as it is completely herbal product. Dry skin people may have a stretchy feeling. So I recommend it to combination to oily skin people like me.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. Definitely looks like a good face pack Divya.....glad it worked well for u :)

  2. Yes its a safe and good face pack Lavs...

  3. I love mud packs, guess i should try it.. i just hope it doesn't contain SLS / PARABENS

  4. As inactives it has paraben Salomi..

  5. Very nice review Divya!
    Somehow i have missed trying out this product by himalaya!
    I think it should suit my skin as well...will try it out soon :)

  6. If u have oily skin then this is for u Karishma..

  7. First time that I am using this product is now and I decided to Google the burning sensation, naturally I was concerned. Thanks for easing my mind about it. On point review.

  8. Divya in your opinion wen is the appropriate age a person should start using face pack?plizz share your opinion on thisi can't find the answer to it


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