Fabindia Papaya Face Scrub Review

Right from the time we step out of our house, our face is subjected to the harshest conditions that one can ever imagine. The scorching heat...

Right from the time we step out of our house, our face is subjected to the harshest conditions that one can ever imagine. The scorching heat, dusty winds, polluted air, smoke and the list goes on. Even the indoor atmosphere is not exactly soothing. Our delicate face has to either bear the blast of dry air conditioning or dusty curtains and furniture. This is the reason I try to buy products which are low in chemical contains as I don't need another chemical loaded product for my delicate skin. I feel it already has to undergo a lot of wear and tear. Hence, a regular scrubbing routine is necessary to exfoliate the skin and keep it healthy and glowing. I was looking for an organic scrub made of natural fruit extracts for the same purpose. Since I am devoted to the organic range of Fabindia products, I decided to try out its Papaya Face Scrub. And that's how Fabindia Papaya Face Scrub came into my possession. But did Fabindia really live up to its persona of being an organic brand? Read ahead to find out.

About Fabindia Papaya Face Scrub:

Made with papaya extract and walnut grits, this scrub removes dead skin cells and opens the pores leaving your skin soft and glowing.


225 INR for 120 ml

Shelf Life:

36 months

Ingredients List:

Natural Spring Water, Multani Mitti, Kaoline, Maize Flour, Walnut Grits, Papaya Extract, SLES, Light Liquid Paraffin, Glycerine, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Triclosan, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Phenoxy Ethanol, Fragrance, Colour.

Directions For Use:

Wet face and neck, apply scrub and gently massage. Rinse off and pat dry.

My Experience With Fabindia Papaya Face Scrub:

Fabindia Papaya Face Scrub is contained within a white squeeze tube with a transparent flip cap, jacketed with white label bearing orange motifs. The scrub is a brown paste with medium sized granules. The base of this scrub is Multani Mitti, hence the earthen brown color. The texture of the scrub is more on the thicker side. If rubbed vigorously, it can cause irritation to the face as the granules are not very fine. When I first saw this product at Fabindia store, I was smitten by the fact that it was a papaya scrub with multani mitti base. For me it was a perfect combo because we all know that papaya and mulatni mitti are perfect for exfoliating the skin, thus enabling it to breathe and feel fresh and youthful.

Back at home when I was closely going through the label, I refused to believe what my eyes saw. There it was, the ingredients, staring right at me with a long list of chemicals like SLES, paraben etc. If I wanted a scrub with artificial elements, why would I go to Fabindia! This was an utter disappointment. Yet I decided to apply it on my face to see its effect. Initially the fragrance feels like perfumed multani mitti which later smells of chemicals. As per the direction of use, if you don't moisten your face with water before application, you are going to have a tough time spreading it over your face and neck. The thick creamy texture doesn't feel very pleasant on the skin. Moreover the uneven size of the granules caused redness around my nose. Maybe it will end up being my hand and foot scrub but definitely not my facial scrub.

Pros Of Fabindia Papaya Face Scrub:
  • Contains papaya and walnut extracts.
  • Multani mitti base.
  • Convenient packaging.
  • Can be used for manicure and pedicure purposes at home.

Cons Of Fabindia Papaya Face Scrub:
  • Presence of chemicals likes SLES.
  • Uneven texture of granules.
  • Can cause redness if you have sensitive skin.
  • Fragrance is very artificial and smells of chemical.
  • Thick texture makes it difficult to spread over the face.

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Final Note:

Alas! Fabindia Papaya Face Scrub was a big disappointment. My quest for organic face scrub is still on.

Contributed By: Meghna Kar


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  1. I am learning more abt fabindia products from u Meghna....this one looks bad though!

    1. Hehe! My pleasure, Lavanya! But this one was epic disappointment :(

  2. Really a great review Meghna. Will definitely think before buying this so-called organic product next time.

  3. was an epic fail from fabindia :(


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