Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream Review

I still remember my dermatologist telling me during one of my visits to her clinic that "You're young, use a BB cream ". I nev...

I still remember my dermatologist telling me during one of my visits to her clinic that "You're young, use a BB cream". I never paid much attention to what she said. I always shy away from tinted creams or moisturizers because I felt it will give me a heavy makeup look. But my perspective has changed completely when I was introduced to Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream. I was not too keen on making this purchase when I saw it in the store but was just forced to give it a try by the SA. I stretched my face out reluctantly. There were four shades available for this BB Cream and I got myself Vanilla Creme shade as that suited my skin well. That is when my impression about BB creams changed completely. Read on to see why!

About Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream:

Created using 'perfect match' technology which makes the BB cream adapt to your skin tone and blend perfectly. It provides sheer coverage with radiant glow.
• Paraben free
• Contains apple extract and aloe vera nourishing, protecting & moisturizing skin.
• Contains SPF20 with UVA/UVB filters for broad spectrum sun protection.


550 INR for 29 gms

Ingredients List:

Not mentioned.

Directions For Use:

Apply daily on nourished skin. Spread evenly on face and neck. Follow this with a foundation for high coverage.

My Experience With Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream:

It comes in small sized flat tube with a nozzle like mouth. The cap is bright silver, which is screw type. Just like every screw type cap, even this one avoids spillage. Unfortunately, every time I open the cap the nozzle mouth seems to be fully covered with the BB cream. This is not technically spillage but it makes things a lot messier. I have attached an image to help you understand what I am talking about.

The consistency is a cross between a lotion and a cream. It neither runs like a lotion nor it is too heavy to be called a cream. When applied on the skin, it feels lights and air whipped. You can hardly feel the cream on your skin. It feels 100% natural. The quantity you need for a decent coverage(entire face and neck) is not more than the size of a peanut. It spreads quite easily and gets absorbed by the skin in seconds. It feels like my skin is thirsty and the BB cream had quenched its thirst.

Once applied, the skin looks instantly bright with a strong matte look. Contrary to my expectations, the cream gives an unbelievably natural look. The shade Vanilla Creme is for fair skin, which was suggested to me by the SA. Vanilla Creme gave me a brightened look. I also tried Honey Glaze which gave me more of a natural look. It keeps the skin oil free for over 3-4 hours. I can see remains of the cream on my makeup removal cotton ball even at the end of the day, which defines its staying power.

Pros Of Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream:
  • Gives an instant brightness to the skin.
  • Neat packaging.
  • Great consistency which makes it easy to apply.
  • Good staying power
  • Did not break me out.
  • Controls oil to an extent.

Cons Of Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream:
  • Missing ingredients list.
  • Does not cover any imperfections.
  • I am not a fan of the ultra matte look it gives.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I am not a fan of matte. I love to have a dewy but not oily look. Though this product does not deliver that kind of look, I still feel this is a good BB cream. People who love matte look will find this product just perfect to use.

Contributed By: Supraja Prasad


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  1. I ama loreal & garnier fan when it comes to bb creams. Good to see this work great for u. Will try soon!

  2. Do give it a try Lavs :) but, try the Lakme CC cream too. It's lovely!


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