Dettol Fresh pH-Balanced Body Wash Review

Hello, everyone! I have been extremely busy with all the festivities and shopping for my upcoming tr...

Hello, everyone! I have been extremely busy with all the festivities and shopping for my upcoming trip at the end of the month. It feels great to see the beautiful change in the weather and I am really waiting for the winter to try out some fall makeup looks. Coming to today's review, it is a body wash from a well-known household brand Dettol which I have received in my last haul. Growing up, we all know that Dettol is the antiseptic liquid with a refreshing smell and it feels good to try out some bath products from this brand. Let us see how the product fared with me.

About Dettol Fresh pH-Balanced Body Wash:

Dettol Fresh pH balanced body wash with refreshing citrus.
Special Features:
Dettol's trusted germ protection.
Cleanses and protects your skin.
Protects against everyday germs.


145 INR for 250 ml

Shelf Life:

2 years

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

My Experience With Dettol Fresh pH-Balanced Body Wash:

The body wash comes in a long transparent yellow bottle with a flip open cap. The bottle is slightly heavy but totally efficient while travelling. Overall, it is simple yet effective packaging. The body wash is yellowish in color with slight runny consistency. The smell is medicinal and is not pleasing at all. In fact, the smell isn't something I would vouch for this body wash.

One of the highlighting features of this body wash is the pH balanced formula. So how will this affect your skin? Our skin has a pH level of about 5.5. The acidic layer helps the skin retain moisture and keeps the germs out. The pH balance essentially protects the skin from drying out of its essential oils and keeps the moisture intact whilst cleaning the skin. This would be a perfect wash for every skin type for every season.

It thoroughly cleanses the body from dirt and grease and you will get a refreshing feeling. It doesn't lather well, which can be slightly disappointing for some. The body wash has the identical feature of Dettol, i.e., the germ protection. It leaves my skin smooth and soft. I don't feel the need to moisturize during summer or spring time. The effect of the body wash remains for around 7-8 hours after which you would feel the skin getting back to normal and sweaty. It has parabens, which is slightly disappointing for a daily wash. On the brighter side, it also has salicylic acid, which prevents the back acne a lot. Overall, it is a nice hydrating body wash for daily use.

Pros Of Dettol Fresh pH-Balanced Body Wash:
  • Simple and nice packaging.
  • pH balanced and hence doesn't dry out the skin.
  • It thoroughly cleanses the body from dirt and grease.
  • Leaves my skin smooth and soft.
  • Will suit every skin type.
  • Has salicylic acid to prevent back acne.
  • Budget friendly.

Cons Of Dettol Fresh pH-Balanced Body Wash:
  • Weird smell.
  • Doesn't lather well.
  • The effect is not long lasting.
  • It has parabens.

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Final Note:

The face wash has both good and bad points. For me, it doesn't work well for the smell as I always prefer something with a refreshing smell. If you're in search of a nice pH balanced body wash, this is a good product to try out.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. This is a decent option to try instead of adding dettol to the water while bathing!

  2. It's a good alternative for a medicated body wash!


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