Bath & Body Works Lush Pink Dragonfruit Shower Gel Review

I am a huge lover of sweet-smelling body washes. In my recent bath and body haul, I got myself show...

I am a huge lover of sweet-smelling body washes. In my recent bath and body haul, I got myself shower gels from the new range of Bath & Body Works products. Today I am here with the review of Lush Pink Dragonfruit shower gel. This shower gel impressed me with the very look of it. The pink color looked girly and I just couldn't wait to try it.

About Bath & Body Works Lush Pink Dragonfruit Shower Gel:

Wash your way to softer, cleaner skin with a rich, bubbly lather bursting with fragrance. Moisturizing Aloe and Vitamin E combine with skin-loving Shea Butter in our most irresistible, beautifully fragranced formula!
Top Notes: Pink Dragonfruit, Passionfruit Nectar, Pomegranate Caipirinha, Sparkling Mandarin, Lush Pineapple
Mid Notes: Red Hibiscus, Amazonian Waterlily, Beach Gardenia
Dry Notes: Jungle Plum, Coconut, Sandalwood
Key Fragrance Notes: Experience nature's abundance with this luscious pairing of seductive dragonfruit and wild jungle plum


$12.50 for 10 fl oz / 295 ml

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Add a drop to wet sponge or cloth & wash with rich creamy lather.

My Experience With Bath & Body Works Lush Pink Dragonfruit Shower Gel:

This shower gel comes in the regular Bath & Body Works shower gel bottle packaging with a press top to let the product out. The packaging is ideal for travel as there are no issues of leakage. Moreover, the press top helps in getting the right quantity of shower gel for use which leads to zero wastage. The shower gel is going to last for a while as only a small amount helps in the entire body wash. The shower gel is pink in color as we can see from the transparent bottle packaging itself. Also, it helps us know how much quantity is still left in the bottle. The texture of the gel is neither runny nor thick but is apt for a shower gel.

It has a beautiful sweet aroma of dragonfruit which every fruit lover is going to appreciate and relish. It also has hints of floral fragrance, but that is totally dominated by the fruity perfume. On application, it lathers really well and you are surely going to enjoy the shower experience. It is easy to wash off too and there are no problems in that area. The aroma lasts all the while in the shower but once you are done, it's gone! I wish it stayed for at least half an hour post-shower but then I have not much to criticize. The shower gel contains moisturizing aloe, vitamin E, and shea butter, all of which are good for the skin. On regular usage, this body wash is going to contribute towards the smooth skin. So try it yourself!

Pros Of Bath & Body Works Lush Pink Dragonfruit Shower Gel:
  • Travel-friendly packaging with no leakage issues.
  • The press top helps get the right quantity with no wastage.
  • Contains moisturizing aloe, vitamin E and shea butter which are good for skin.
  • The sweet smelling fragrance is something to look out for.
  • The texture of the shower gel is perfect for body wash.
  • Only a small amount of the gel gives good lather.
  • Easy to wash off and there is no sticking post wash.
  • Lasts for a good time.

Cons Of Bath & Body Works Lush Pink Dragonfruit Shower Gel:
  • The aroma doesn't last after the shower.
  • Pricey if you do not purchase during the sale.

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Final Note:

This is a sweet aromatic body wash which I would definitely recommend everyone. Especially those who love fruity fragrances should try this surely. It works great as a body wash providing rich lather as well as smooth skin on regular usage.


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