Lady Bug Nail Art Tutorial

Nature is a storehouse of natural beauty and creativity. It is a sheer example of God's magical ...

Nature is a storehouse of natural beauty and creativity. It is a sheer example of God's magical powers. It is amazing how beautifully God has instilled beautiful patterns and colors in each and every living being. We should appreciate and embrace our Mother Nature. If you look from a nature lover's point of view, then the tiniest of the organism will hold uniqueness and explaining it in words is impossible. The smallest of insects have been so uniquely carved as if a painter has filled them with colors. One such insect which looks cute and proves God's sense of colorful creation is the Lady Bug. Lady Bugs are little arthropods in red and black color and looks super adorable and tiny. So today I will show you all how to change your nails into cute lady bugs and pay tribute to our mother nature.

Things Needed:
  • Red Nail Polish.
  • Black Nail Polish.
  • Toothpick.
  • Thin Nail Art Brush.
  • White Nail Polish.
  • Top Coat.


Firstly, paint your nails in 2 coats of red nail polish. Let them dry completely before proceeding.

Free handedly paint one-fourth of your nail from the top with a black polish like in the picture below. Try and make it as straight as possible.

Using a thin nail art brush, draw a thin line with black polish such that it divides your nails into two equal parts.

Now using a toothpick, make three dots in a curved manner in either side of your nails.

Now using a white nail polish make two dots at the base of your nails for the eyes of the lady bug.

Once all your polishes have dried, apply the top coat. Your cute little lady bugs are now ready to be flaunted.

Don't they look super pretty yet simple? I am pretty sure even a beginner at nail art will be able to do this nail art with ease. I hope you liked these little lady bugs and I promise to be back with some more nail arts in the upcoming month.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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