10 Tricks To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Thick, healthy and luxurious hair like that of Victoria's Secret Angel blowout is something we yearn all our life. Unfortunately, some o...

Thick, healthy and luxurious hair like that of Victoria's Secret Angel blowout is something we yearn all our life. Unfortunately, some of us are born with thin hair by default and all we can do is use various tips and tricks to make the hair look fuller and voluminous. Thin hair is prone to damage, hair fall and easily catches the dirt and pollution which is harmful to your scalp in the long run. One of the disadvantages of thin hair is that it weighs your hair down and lacks volume. Hence, creating various hairstyles become tougher. However, there are several ways by which you can make your hair look thicker than what it is. So let us see the detailed tips and tricks to make your thin hair look thick and achieve that bouncy luxurious look.

1. Avoid Or Cut Down Oiling

Oiling is good for hair but when you have thin hair, the natural oil secretion spreads through the hair easily and, therefore, artificial oiling makes the case worse. If you have naturally oily scalp with thin hair, either choose a very light textured non-greasy oil or oil and deep condition your hair once in two weeks. While shampooing, make sure every layer of residual oil and grease is removed so that when your hair is dry, it doesn't weigh down from the roots.

2. Upside Blow Drying

Whoever said blow drying is harmful haven't yet mastered the technique. Temperature control is very important and always blow dry your hair after you soak the water completely (not with a towel but a cotton cloth). Now, turn your head upside down and try blow drying from the root holding the blow-dryer at 90-degree angle. In this way, your volume will be boosted from the roots thus making your hair look fuller. It also won't damage the length of the hair and dries quickly than usual.

3. Waves & Curls

Straight hair looks extremely limp and flat which makes the thin hair looks thinner. Go for the beautiful curls and waves to add a bounce and lift to the hair. Before using heat products, slightly use the protectants and blow dry the roots to add a lift. After that use curlers to add the desired curls to make the hair look thicker and voluminous.

4. Effective Use Of Hair Straightener

You must be surprised to find hair straightener making to this list, right? Well, you can add volume with you straightener too. Curious? Here's the tip! Straighten the hair from half an inch away from roots by flipping the hair on opposite side of the regular parting. In this way, it will add a layer of volume to your hair.

5. Dry Shampoo Or Baby Powder

Dry shampoo is the best thing that happened to the lethargic girls and now girls with thin hair can also take advantage from the product. Often hair looks limp due to the accumulated oil. So use dry shampoo or baby powder as the solution. Sprinkle the desired amount of baby powder or dry shampoo to your hair and distribute the same with either your fingers or a large round brush. This procedure works great if you apply it overnight and let the scalp oil be reduced with time. Hence, you wake up with gorgeous voluminous hair.

6. Voluminous Shampoo

The market is filled with volume boost shampoos which give an impression of thicker and fuller hair from the scalp. They squeeze out the oil and enhance a lift from the roots itself. One thing you must keep in mind is to avoid detergents, polymers, proteins, damaging alcohols, and ammonia that is found in traditional shampoos in the form of ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. These would damage your hair from the scalp in the long run and hence should be avoided.

7. Get The Right Haircut

No matter how harsh it may sound but to achieve a voluminous thicker look you cannot keep long cascading mane. Long hair looks limp and weighs down the thin hair too much. Medium to short haircut lengths is best suited for thin hair. Before your haircut, sit down with your stylist and fill him with the details of your hair and ask for those strategic layers for the haircut. The layers would instantly make your hair look thicker. Choose to go for bangs in the front to add volume to the crown area as well.

8. Brushing, Teasing & Root Lifter

Brushing techniques are much different for thin hair. Firstly, you need to choose the right brush i.e. the round brush with soft padded tips. Avoid paddle brush which will make the hair limp and flat. Secondly, the technique should be kept in mind. After unknotting the hair completely, brush your hair upside down. This will give a lift to the root in the back. Now, comb your bangs or crown area to the other side. These techniques will ensure an improvement of roots and add a thicker look. Teasing is another process to add a fake thick look while making puff or adding volume. Take a section of hair and hold it upwards. Use the teasing brush to tease the roots and simply use your fingers to light comb the upper portion. After teasing, spritz a small amount of root lifter on your hair to make sure your roots stay up for long lasting effect.

9. Hair Coloring Will Do The Trick

Once your hair is cut into layers, go for highlights that compliment your skin tone. Multi-dimensional color catches the light in different ways and makes your hair look fuller and healthy. Coloring your hair with one color will not only look boring but flatten the look for thin hair. A coloring agent (Peroxide), when applied to the individual strands of hair, can increase the volume as much as 3x the normal density.

10. Avoid Too Much Conditioning & Serums

Conditioners and serums contain various oils and hydrating factors like almond oil, olive oil etc. which will weight down the thin hair even more. Instead, apply mousse which adds volume to the hair and give an impression of thicker hair. If you still want to use the conditioner and serum, concentrate more on the ends than the middle or scalp area where the hair will be nourished by the natural oils itself.

These are the various tips and tricks to add the bouncy thicker look to your thin hair.

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Nicely detailed post. Being someone who has thin scanty hair which gets oily easily, I can connect to the points you have written here.


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