Straw Nail Art Tutorial

There is no end to creativity and imagination when it comes to nail art. You can take inspiration fr...

There is no end to creativity and imagination when it comes to nail art. You can take inspiration from anything you like or you see around to create some unique designs on your nails. Coming to the summer nail art series, summer is incomplete without juices and drinks. I personally feel like surviving on juices rather than food when there is a rise in temperature, but that's not possible as right nutrition is really important for the body. So taking inspiration from the summer drinks, I am here with the Straw Nail Art Tutorial. We love drinks in summer and drinks without a straw is not at all fun. Straw nail art has another version which I will be trying out in the upcoming days. Today I have the first version for all of you. So the next time you have a drink, you know how to make use of the straw for your nail art. Try this nail art as it is super easy and quite unique too.

Things Needed:
  • Black nail polish for the base.
  • Green nail polish.
  • Some straw pieces.
  • Top coat.


Start by applying two coats of the black nail polish. Black is not a summer shade, but the green patterns will only pop up if you apply a dark base. That is why I have used black here. Let it dry completely before proceeding.

Take your straw and dip it into green nail polish.

Start dipping the straw on top of your nails which were previously printed black. You will start getting patterns like those in the pictures. You need not be perfect here. Draw the rings intertwined.

Finish off by applying your top coat and let it dry.

Your straw nails are now ready.

If you use a dark base then you can use a bright color for the rings. But if you use a light shade for the base then use a dark one for the rings. Wasn't it quite simple and easy to do? Sometimes some things appear quite complicated to look at but turn out to be simple. So don't throw away the straw next time and try out this nail art design.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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